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Favorite iTunes Radio Stations THREAD
WFUV Alternate Side, The Current at Minn. Public Radio and possibly All Songs Considered at NPR. 
PS Audio PCA-2 Preamplifier - Characteristics?
A very nice unit that was not on the market long enough to make a name for itself. I would describe it as having good detail and able to present tone and textures well above its pay grade. I would not tell you that I have "golden ears" but with th... 
PS Audio PCA-2 upgrade replacement options
Rocket, I meant to suggest Signalcable. I am very happy with both performance and appearance. I do not disregard Element Cable but I have not tried their product. Peace 
PS Audio PCA-2 upgrade replacement options
Rocket, you are fortunate to have a local dealer to work with. I in audio wasteland, hence my "proceed with caution". I admit that I have given some thought of listing the HCA-2 on this site. They are one of the better values for $700, give or tak... 
PS Audio PCA-2 upgrade replacement options
I picked up the PCA-2/HCPS and HCA-2 when PS Audio discontinued them a few years back, later I added a MF X10v3 tube buffer in the loop. My speakers are 25 yr. old Vandersteen 2C. I also added AirMatrix XLR's and Silver Resolution [better!] IC's. ... 
All vandersteen users ?
Somewhat contrary to a earlier post my AE-25 Superamp outshines my PS Audio HCA-2 driving my 2C's, 25 watts vs. 150. Sorry if this is not much help, I think the old 2C's had a slightly higher specified sensitivity. I think I can tell you with conf... 
Cartridge upgrade for VPI Scoutmaster
I bet nine out of ten Scout/JMW-9 owners never have their rigs set up for optimum performance.Count me in the big group.To get that last 10% from the Scout I think you really have to sweat the details.Preferably before you start the upgrades. 
What is the best SS used amp for $1k or less?
Jazz is in the sweet spot of my PS Audio HCA-2. I also have a MF tube buffer in the loop. Worth consideration for 1k. 
Best value speakers available
Vandersteen, new or used they are a huge value. My 2c's are 25 yrs. old and sound better with every upgrade. I suspect most Vandersteen owners do not approach the the performance limits of their speakers due to placement and setup. They will revea... 
Amp/Tuner: Best tubeless amp under $1000?
I leave my PS AUDIO HCA-2 on 24/7. If you select your cords with care playing to your system strengths and weakness you can't go wrong. Around $700 used should be about right. It draws very little power at idle.