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CD other tweaks
A very close friend of mine manufactures CD's and travels internationally setting up other companies CD production. When I told him how great the "green ink" markers were, he told me I was nuts. After much discussion, we took two identical CD's, m... 
What's with Kinergetics Research?
I heard they recently went out of business - not confirmed however... 
Speaker placement for music & movie?
I got some great info. to basically the same question in my last "thread": OPTIMUM SPEAKER PLACEMENT just last week. Take a look, there are several sites suggested. Ken 
Optimum speaker placement
This is the info. I was looking for! Thank to all of you for your help. Ken 
Jitter Reduction on a DD 5.1 Signal
Theta's Timebase Linque Conditioner (TLC for short) sounds like what you need. There are three different versions. The one you want (for dvd) is the WIDE-BAND TLC. Also, they have two different power supplies: get the high current one. Best of luc... 
Processor only - No preamp?
The correct model for the Marantz unit is: DP-870. Sorry for the error.