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Modding the Zu Omen MKII
How does it sound with the Radian 475 Aluminum tweeters?    
Modding the Zu Omen MKII
OH~MG Dear, SlowLearner28Thank you so much!  I’m going to check up on all these parts and start this project!  Thank you so much for the detail information!  I’ll keep ya posted!  I’m going to save all the pics on my iPad and start looking up on p... 
Modding the Zu Omen MKII
Hello, I saw this post and recently purchased the Zu Omen DW’s with Jupiter cap upgrade and I’m very interested in the 475-be tweeter replacement for the stock ones in the DW speakers.  I’ve been reading the post and are these the parts I’d need t... 
Buzzing sound from Peachtree Nova 150 - anybody else had similar experience?
I just received my nova 300 from my brother in Detroit.  I’m experiencing the same problem with the buzzing.  Especially through my headphones.  I have the th900 mk2, all the colors. The utopia, and the LCD-4Z and I’m hearing the buzzing noise fro...