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Someone familiar with older KSA Krell amps
The S series are very good amps [i owned a 100s] however when I replaced it with a FPB 300 I was not ready for the improvement. much better in all areas, 
Wadia ITransport
I have a 170 and enjoy it very much. I dont believe that it was intended as a replacement for a CD player nor it is intended to be a high end product. As a convientent music server it cant be beat.As far as it sounding better than the source how c... 
Vikings Fight Song: Try again
Havent heard it but, Prince or the guy formerly known as Prince or whatever he? is known as just dont mix.maybe something by those guys fron the Capitol One commercial. 
tesla powersell 6 and powercell 10 SE
I would call SR and talk to Ted or Elliott they can best help you with your decision. 
Footers for Esoteric SA50 CD-SACD Player
I was at the CES and Synergistic Research was using Esoteric gear and had their footers called MIG's sounded great there was no doubt that they were much better that the the std. feet. 
Synergistic Designer Reference Cables? character..
the designers reference like all of the Synergistic Research cables are very neutral I had them for quite a few years before going to the Tesla series. I think their real strong suit is the absence of any additional noise with a completely black b... 
Synergistic Research Tesla Apex vs. Tara the One
I have not done a direct comparison I have the Synergistic Research cables in my system and could not be happier. The SR's deserve a serious audition. 
SR Tesla Precision Speaker cable X AZ Absolute
I have not made a direct comparison between the AZ and the Tesla I am using Tesla Apex and am completely satisfied with them If I were to upgrade I really wouldnt know where to start they are that good. 
disco demolition night
Steve Dahl started his radio career in Detroit yes it was a great gag that got away from him.With video: http://www.chicagotribune.com/entertainment/chi-0709-steve-dahljul09,0,5885817.column 
Aragon and Acurus brands being revived
Aragon is a great name and if these guys can deliver like Aragon of old they should do just fine..Bill Gates started Microsoft during a recession. 
Wadia 581se or Audio Aero Prestige/Capitole
Like any component you really need to listen and decide for yourself, Personally I am completely sold on the Wadia I am on my third a 581 sei I compared as well as I could and have been very happy with the Wadia's 
How to box LP's
Also check out the "media rate" at the post office 
Purist Audio vs. Synergistic Research ICs
I have listened to many different brands of cables over the years and most do have a house sound. I have not listened to the model purist you are asking about but compared to the Synergistic Reference I would say that darker is a pretty good descr... 
Has anyone listen to the new wadia 381
I heard it at Audio Kharma nere in Michigan while I was not familiar with the rest of the system overall it was sounding very good. 
ruined a phillips screw, any inspired solution?
You will need a drill bit about 1/2 the diameter of the head and a magnet. Taking it real slow drill through the head of the screw with the magnet very close to the head catching the chips when you get through the head it will be detached when you...