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Krell 750mcx or EVO 600
I went from a 400CX to a paii of evo 400's and couldnt be happier, go for it. 
WARNING Counterfiet cables
Synergistic Research is a great company, making great products. They have had a warning on their website for some time warning of counterfeit products. 
WARNING Counterfiet cables
He will probably just change the mane of his company.http://www.powerretail.com.au/miss-terry-shopper/customer-service-excellence/ 
Synergistic Research - NEW Element Cables
They look interesting, Ted and Elliott never fail to impress me with their cables. I will see them next week. 
Synergistic Power cords for the MC402 amp?
I am very happy with my Hologram power cords, you already have experience with SR. I say go for it. 
Should I bother to try a subwoofer?
I am not a big fan of subs for music, your Dynaudios are a very fine speaker that would not benefit from the addition of one.for those watching TV and need to reproduce the exploding gas truck it is a different story. 
Martin Logan Prodigy with Sonic Frontiers Power
Ditto the previous responses, I had Prodigies for 5 years used krell 300c then 400cx the ML's love current. Give them what they need and they will reward you with some very fine sound. 
best class a amp for a grand?
get yourself an old Krell 
http://www.martinloganowners.com/forum/showthread.php?t=11891&highlight=clslots of opinions here 
MIT cables vs. Synergistic Research cables?
Whoever told you that shares my impressions. I find that SR cbles are true to the source, and dead quiet. 
Synergistic Designers Reference
I was a huge Kimber fan using both the monocle and select 3035 speaker cables. A few years back I tried the Sr Designers Reference and never looked back the SR cables were better in every aspect. I am currently using the Tesla series in my system,... 
D'Agostino Interview
3 years ago at CES he was using Valhalla speaker cables [kind of a budget cable] as far as hot running krells my evo 400 monos are fairly cool running when chainging a CD i feel more heat coming off my plasma than the amps. I wonder what speakers ... 
Synergistic New Tesla Line...Any comments?
A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to hear the Precision Reference AC’s on my Martin Logan CL’s. Being perfectly happy with the T3’s I figured that it would be an interesting comparison. They came along with a second Hologram A for my recent up... 
Krell FPB 600 or 400cx?
I owned a 400cx for about 5 years and It is a great amp. I am assuming the 600 you are comparing it to is an older model before the C . if so i would go with the newer model. 
Alternative to Synergistic Research Hologram A
I feel your pain, there is no alternative,Just do it!10-14-10: KenscollickA few weeks back I was able to upgrade from my Krell 400cx to a pair of Krell EVO 400’s. I really had been enjoying my system but could not resist the lure of mono’s. The ad...