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Surprised by Synergistic Red Fuse on Source for 99
I will confess that I do not know how such a small change affects sound for the better. I agree with your findings. Trust your ears. 
YG Acoustics Hailey 1.2
I have heard them on various occasions under "show conditions" and they have sounded great. Ditto the other models. 
Magico S1 owners - speaker cable suggestions
I do not own Magicos but I have heard them a few times under show conditions displayed by Scott Walker Audio and Synergistic Research and they sounded great. Quite a feat at shows. Scott is a real good guy and I would talk to him about cables. He ... 
Best speaker cable for Krell/Dynaudio?
I have used a lot of different cables through the years and have settled on Synergistic Research The element series is simply amazing. SR continues to win best in shoe pretty much wherever they are. 
Any Sota Sapphire experts out there?
I owned 3 different SOTA tables and they do not need any lubrication. the weak link is the springs the table hangs on them and can be stretched if you are using the clamp screw the feet as close to the base as possible and enjoy a fine turntable. 
Speaker cables for YG Carmels
I do not own YG speakers but I have heard them on a couple different occasions using Synergistic Research cables and they were stunning. 
Wadia 860 - remote s not working
Audio research is doing service on Wadia Gear 
Do you run a high end power cord on your sub?
I am using Synergistic Research T-3's on my Depth subs I notice tighter bass with less overhang or echo. Yes better cables do make a difference. 
Synergistic Research Tesla Plex SE ac receptacle
I switched from the FIM and I think it wasn't more than a few hours less than 20 when I felt it had stabilized. Much quieter background and stable image. Since I started using the Tesla Plex I don't think I need to look further. 
what are the Best Direct to amps Digital Players ?
I am on my third Wadia presently a 781 plus the Wadia has inputs for other front ends such as their fine iPod dock. 
Best Power cords for Clayton M300 & Bob Carver 305
You really should look at the offerings from Synergistic Research. I have used pretty much all of their power cords with excellent results. 
Synergistic Research Enigma
Epat, you really need to do a little research before postingStart here: http://www.synergisticresearch.com/element-series/element-series-interconnects-overview/ 
Synergistic Research Enigma
First you have to get your names straight. I am pretty sure that you are asking about the Galileo System. I have seen and heard them and while it is hard to say this individual component is making the difference the whole system was incredibly goo... 
Synergistic Research MIGS
I have had them in my system for a couple years. Simply put they are amazing. I had previously been using BDR cones but the migs do a far better job. They are a very affordable component. 
upgrading Apogee Duetta speakers
check here:http://www.apogeespeakers.com/