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Compressing Music Files For Thumb Drive In Car
I have a 2014 Grand Cherokee and the manual says that it will accept a 32 gb. card also it will only play mp3 files I created a folder of the mp4 songs that I wanted then converted them to mp3 works fine. 
Wadia 781i CD Palyer Repair Problem- Worst Service
I had the same problem with my 781 Audio research refused to fix it but they did send me a new laser. It was a pretty easy install. 
Tidal Streaming Service
Ditto the first 2 responses. I use Splashtop to control my mac mini system when using tidal and it works well from either my I pad or I phone. 
Wadia internal switch
Yes, very easy in addition to the allen head bolts under the feet there are more around the sides. have the player on its side when you remove the screws. 
Electrostatic speakers and low volume resolution
I am about 10 years behind you, and have heard many fine speakers. I currently own ML's and would not trade them for any comparably priced conventional speaker. sitting a bit closer might help. 
Gold Fuses: Whats the fuss?
I am not sure what a "gold" fuse is, but I replaced the fuse in my Cantata with a Synergistic Research red fuse and am pleased with the results more detail and open sound with no negatives. 
DAC: high quality USB + preamp $5000
Before I owned the Cantata I was using a Wadia 781 I like the simplicity of not having a pre amp in the system. I haven't updated my system on this site, The Cantata does everything right. 
DAC: high quality USB + preamp $5000
Computer Audio for Dummies
These guys were a big help to me:http://www.computeraudiophile.com/forum/ 
Cables best suited to electrostatic speakers
My speakers are ML CLX's and befor that I had prodigys. A total of 9 years with ML's the last 5 years with both speakers have been using Synergistic Research and could no be more pleased with the results. You might want to check the cable company'... 
Addendum to
You answered your own question, in 50 years none. Digital media is evolving quickly and cd's are becoming obsolete I recently got into computer audio and could not be happier. It is not the future it is now. Does vinyl sound great? Yes is does it ... 
Anyone try Synergistic Research PHT...
I do not have a turntable so I won't be able to comment on the performance of the pht. However I do have and use SR. products. I have read a few comments on these and so far none of the skeptics have actually used them. The PHT and most other SR. ... 
Bass Attenuation - best approach
You mentioned that your ML's are 14 years old there is a very good possibility that your panels are in need of replacement. If you liked the sound of the newer ML's you might try them in your home. 
Wadia 860 DAC for Digital Audio system???
It will work just fine I have been using my 781 with excellent results, there are a few obvious drawbacks but it will get you started in computer audio. 
Best AC line conditioning devices?
I tried various models from a few manufactures such as Shunyata, Ps audio, and Richard gray. they all sounded different/better but in the end I preferred my system without them. I recently auditioned the SR Powercell 10 se III and did experience a...