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music for a broken heart
Just about anything by Meatloaf. 
Wadia 850 and Spectral DMA 150 matching without pre-amp
I am running my 860x direct to My krell amp with great results after listening both ways I sold my krc3 You will loose switdhing capabilities but I feel what you gain it is worth it. I say try it and listen for yourself. All you have to lose is yo... 
Why a line preamp?
I recently purchased a Wadia 860x and after using it straight into my Amp I decided to sell my Pre. The only downside is unless i use a a to d converter I cannot use other components. but is is worth it. 
Recommendations for a CD Recorder
I have a phillips CDR 880 that i used to transfer a fairly large LP collection over the past 2 years i burned approx. 400 Cd's with not a single malfunction or frisbee. If you are interested I am done with it and it is in perfect condition with al... 
Need help w/older Krell pre-amps????
If it says Krell on it and it fits your budget you cant go wrong I am currently using all Outdated krell with my Apogee Duettas andcould not be happier the best thing is that it is so good and so popular that there is an abundance of used gear at ...