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Puron AC Power Conditioner really....
In an ideal world, it would be great to have some database on what accessories work instead of having to dig for it.  
I’m visiting Japan.
I know Asia has many high-end audio hobbyist especially in Hong Kong.  Not sure where to look though. Maybe ask/post in WBF as they are more global.   
The SHOW Costa Mesa - Anybody go?
The Gryphon sounded excellent. The Cabasse Rialto at $4k bookshelf speakers sounded amazing including the bass extension. Many at this show and at The Pacific Audio Fest commented based on sonics they were underpriced. The Magico S3 in the Scott W... 
After 50 years, I have finally found my destination amps... AGD Audions!
GaN FET amps are making inroads - pleasing tubelike sonics but with the speed of SS and satisfying frequency extremes.  AGD Audions seem very high price/performance.    
Getting back in the game
Maybe a used Aesthetix Mimas with the optional DAC card and maybe their phono card. Usually integrated DACs are sonically an afterthought but these optional cards offer great sonics at their price point. Can save you some in cabling also. The Hif... 
Integrated for Martin Logan Electrostatics
Few DACs in an integrated are rarely beyond very good unless you spend more.  However, a used Aesthetix Mimas with the optional DAC card is the exception. Also their phono card also punches above it’s price point.  
Do my ears deceive me??
Maybe not related but the HiFi Rose RS520 integrated has a built in equalizer.    
Pre-Meta KEF Reference 1 or LS50 Meta
Some people are sensitive to stridency of metal cones, most others not as much (which I surmise based upon volume sales and positive reviews).  
Can a system sound too Holographic?
I suspect the Center Stage footers is revealing masked shortcomings in the OPs audio chain.   
Quick Question About Power Cables
There are some folks that cannot hear audio improvements that are very apparent to many of us. I agree, but the last part seems a bit like finger pointing. While we all a share the passion for music, we also have unique: hearing ability Au... 
Picking Speakers 20k-30k
Gershman Acoustics 30th Anniversary Grand Avant Garde Audio Bacon advocated and then purchased these speakers: I’m currently at the Pacific Audio Show and demoed the... 
Looking for an Amp Replacement
I agree that the OP should try to fix amp first. Otherwise Odyssey amps are great performers maybe a bargain at their price points:    
Picking Speakers 20k-30k
Magico A5, used Magico S5 mk2, Rockport Atria II.   
I am interested to update my 15 year old system !
@markny2011  Digital audio has sonically grown rapidly in the last few years, do upgrading would be advisable.  I’m confused about your budget, you’re considering a Rega P3 - is this your budget limit?  The MoFi Ultradeck at $3k includes an excel... 
Do my ears deceive me??
Seems like the OP is looking for a hot speaker with plenty of bass.  Head scratcher that he’s considering bookshelf Harbeths maybe thinking augmenting the bass w subwoofer?  Agree that GoldenEar may be a top option.