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Clarisys Minute Speakers
@ozzy  I too am interested in the Clarisys if I decide to try panel speakers (likely Magnepan 1.7) then move up the chain. It’s more expensive than Magnepan’s high value offerings, but has significantly better bass extension. Other panel speaker... 
notable consolidation possibility, should I or not?
Finding an integrated with a great sounding DAC is very rare- usually available in more pricier brands/models such as the Aesthetic Mimas with the optional DAC card which got a great reviews. This integrated is a very high value offering from an e... 
Tim Bachman of BTO passed at 71
Hope he was done “Taking care of business” :)  
How do you assess a DAC?
@melbay  Good job on stretching your $ on great sonic choices.    
Looking for advice, recommendations
There very few sonic “bargain” audio components, but the Odyssey Khartago and the Amped America AMP240 SS high power $5k SS amps. The Odyssey ozone of the amps Alon Wolf of cutting edge speaker top of the market designer Magico. The Amp American d... 
the big one: how do you choose speakers? By what features, data?
I’m not an ”expert”, but I can share my speaker shopping experience. I’m semi retired so started in-depth researching audio components about 7yrs ago.  I read all the current audio reviews including TAS and Stereophile.  I started demoing the bes... 
All New Wharfedale Dovedale Loudspeakers : Giant Killers ?!
No - I consider “Giant Killers” are the very rare audio component that sonically punch way above their price point. This is just another good sounding speaker. I read Audio Bacon review and am not sure how “….mesmerizing performance with a perfec... 
Left Channel Out Primaluna Dialogue Premium
Switch left and right speaker wires. If the problem persists, then get your LEFT ear checked :)  
Another "Best" amplifier Question.
The Outlaw RR2160MKII stereo receiver is only $1k - it got a favorable review in Stereophile when paired with the LS50.  Includes a DAC, phono stage, radio.  
Audio Research REF 6 to REF 6SE upgrade.
Prices are going up everywhere. i was bummed that my targeted flea watt speaker price jumped by $7k. I complained my dismay to the manufacturer even though I knew Covid/economy supply chain problems was driving costs up everywhere. Luckily, a min... 
Help me upgrade my beginner system!
@dvujovic  There are used GoldenEar Tritons that may be in your price range.  I saw several under $2k  
Compact Floor-standing Speaker Recommendations under $4k
Normally, it's best to demo yourself as speaker choices are highly subjective. So trying to choose a "universally acceptable" brand/model may be difficult. Relatively safe bets full range floorstanders are GoldenEar Triton, Monitor Audio Silver/G... 
Music Server Advice
At $7.5k, the 432 EVO Aeon Music Server got great reviews, the TAS reviewer purchased his loaner.  Seems to sonically punch above its price point.  I was considering stepping up from my Innuos Zenith Mk3.  
Another "Best" amplifier Question.
Van Alstine, Schiit, and Rogue are high value/performance companies that punch above their price points.  
Good Suggestions for Tube Amps under 6k
@gregjacob Simple, go for the " LTA Ultralinear+" as you originally intended - it's still a top option.  Scratch that itch "Finally", it's not in stone after all.  Get that "Maybe" out of your head so simply try it out yourself now that you have ...