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ayre k-3xe vs. k-5xe preamp
My K-3 was recently upgraded to xe that included the evolution update. Amazing preamp and sound!! 
Ayre AX-5 Integrated Amplifier
Thank you for your comments regarding the new ax-5!Unfortunately, my local ayre dealer does not have a demo to listen to.In my emails with Ayre, they mention that there are three service updates available for earlier production units including an ... 
Magnepan 20 vs Sanders 10c
I just bought a pair of 3.7s 
Audio Research Ref 250s for Magnepan 20.1s?
I definitely recommend you audition a Sanders Sound Magtech amp. Very transparent and fast with 900w/ch into 4ohms. An audio bargain 
Magnepan 3.7 and Nuforce Reference 18
I suggest you check out the Sanders Magtech amp.. I just installed in my system with 3.7s and wow.They have a 30 day trial.Happy listening, 
Magnepan 20 vs Sanders 10c
You should all hear the new 20.7. Much closer to the transparency of the electrostatic Sanders 
Sanders 10c Owners
I am saving up for Sanders ESLs, in the meantime, I am using MG 3.7s that just recently arrived, had MG 1.7s for 2 years. I sold my Ayre VX5e and bought the Magtech two weeks ago.Wow, explosive dynamics, transparent, detailed but still musical. A ... 
Is Anyone Using The Oppo 105 As A Preamp?
I just purchased two weeks ago an OPPO 105 to replace my OPPO BD83 SE. There is no comparison to my ears right out of the box between the two units. The 105 is very close to the $10K Ayre DX5 that I owned for 6 months and sold, has usb HD and inte... 
Magnepan 3.7's versus 20.1's?
The integration of the tweeter and the speed of the panels of the 3.7 are better to my ears than the 20.1, although still one of the best out there.Mr Diller confirmed last week that 20.7s are shipping and that the mid range panel is superior to t... 
ARC Ref 3 bad tube?
Calvin and the manager of service recommended changing the 6550 in my REF5 every 2000hrs, if you wait until it fails, expect a large repair bill.Also, having owned several tube gear in the past, I recommend paying the extra and getting them from A... 
Audio Research Corp Ref 5 SE
Hi, I am also interested in upgrading my REF5 to SE. How much is the upgrade? Thanks 
How good is the Ayre DX-5 Universal as a CD player
My DX-5 is the best source I have ever owned. It particularly shines with hi rez blue ray concert dvds. The video is another step better than my oppbd83SE. The audio is light years better. I have yet to hear thru usb at home but at my dealer, amaz... 
anyone listen to the new Ayre V5 or V6
I am really enjoying my v5xe purchased this last July. Much less grain and much more musical than the Krell 302 which I have sold, not that the Krell did not have a lot of dynamic range and a great sound. I have heard the MXRs and they are fantast... 
anyone listen to the new Ayre V5 or V6
thank you rufipenis for your incite full reply. 
anyone listen to the new Ayre V5 or V6
Just wondering if anyone has had the same misfortune that I have had with two failures. Ayre replaced the first DX-5 player that failed in the first 30 days and had to replace the OPPO laser drive in the second player after it failed in the first ...