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Loricraft and power cord upgrade?
I think you're getting more current to the machine with the upgraded power cord than with the generic 16AWG stock. Thus, results in improved performance due to improved current flow. Whether or not additional upgrade to even better cord can bring ... 
Valab NOS Dac VS. Cambridge Azur DacMagic
Interesting read so far. FWIW, I prefer the Valab (after 300+hrs of burn in) in my digital amp based set up over the Bel Canto DAC3 for sheer musicality and emotion. Mine is currently the early 2009 iteration. Not sure if yours is of the current o... 
Best Blu-Ray ANALOG Output - Under $1000?
Jimmy,The below is from's reviewer, Dr. Bill Gaw. This is the first of the Oppo reviews I've seen which references a hi-end player and contradicts your statement:"The 7.1 analog outputs on my still not completely broken in unit i... 
Do all Class D amps lack soundstage depth?
For digital, I auditioned the PS Audio HCA2 and bought and used the BC Ref 1K for over 6months. Both of these amps were good and offered smooth, clean & clear sound but the soundstage were very shallow and does not give good spacial/locational... 
2 channel Preamp brain?
Do you mean a dedicated 2ch pre w/ HT bypass? If so, there are many and my recommendation is the Nuforce P-9 at around $1500 used.Kenobi 
Cambridge DacMagic & Oppo Blu Ray - Other Question
Surprised there's been no feedback on this. Pretty sure there are a number of Agoners with posession of this machine who can offer a brief feedback.Thanks in advance,Kenobi 
Killing BluRay, new Oppo BR 83
Ozzy,Thanks for the quick comparo between the Oppo BD 83 and your Denon. Curious how much break-in time you've given the Oppo. If you can do an update once properly broken-in, it would really be appreciated.Thanks in advance,Kenobi 
Parasound Halo JC-1 and JC-2 How good are they?
Bizargo,The Nuforce 9SE you mentioned above, was it a V1 or V2 iteration?Thanks,Kenobi 
VTL MB250 sig or Nuforce Ref9 SE
I have the same speakers being pushed by Nuforce MCH3SE C-7 amp and there's good synergy going on w/o brightness if your upstream equipment or cablings/vibration isolation is also neutral of slightly warmish. I once had the BC Ref 1K for a time bu... 
Input /output caps
Thanks much Yoby.Regards,Kenobi 
Input /output caps
Hi Yoby,Can you point to the source of the High End Audio "shorties" mentioned above?Thanks,Kenobi 
Most achingly-beautiful music
River of Sorrow, painfully beautiful. 
Favorite Female vocals that give you goose bumps
Eva Cassidy 
$5000 universal player ... am I a fool ?
Hi Timtim,Thanks for this post. I was looking for this kind of confirmation going with an RT-20 I just acquired for cheap. Thanks for sharing your views and experience. I am now content with the purchase and will likely consider the Oppo bluray sh... 
Good, non-jewelery connector for TeslaPlex outlet?
One word of caution with the Teslaplex, I wouldn't use it on bright sounding electronics. It may be too much of a good thing and can tip the balance to harshness in my experience. That said, I do use a combination of outlets--Wattgate, Furutech, O...