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Better Amps For Talon Khorus CAT JL2 or Tenor 75?
One of my friends has the Khorus Xs---has had Cary V12i monos, Pass X350, Edge NL10 (or 12-can't remember), and now the Tenors. He said the Tenors are so far ahead of the others, he has lost any reasone to go amp shopping again. 
THE Eternal dissatisfied
Cary amps mate well with JM Labs. I heard the Minis with V12i and SLP98 pre, and it sounded very nice.KeithR 
Best Pre/Pro for 2-channel stereo sound?
Not so sure why everyone thinks Bryston when they want 2 ch sound out of a pre/pro. No one buys there preamps. They may be better than some alternatives, but i would think a quality 2 ch preamp will give you much better sound. 
Jeff Rowland Concentra II vs Gryphon Callisto 2200
I will be different here--I owned a Concentra II for awhile, and it wasn't my cup of tea. I didn't think it was all that powerful (had to crank past 80 all the time), and that it wasn't close to tubes like everyone says (i A/Bd it to my Cary 2002/... 
Best Amp For Dynaudio Contour 3.3 Speakers
I wouldn't pair the Dyns with the Sim, per a good dealer friend of mine.I would look into Plinius, Spectron, and Krell.The CJ may be too soft for these speakers-- 
Experience with Cary SLP 2002 preamp?
I am the guy who regretted the 2002 in my system. I just thought the 98 was a more musical piece, and ended up buying a new one in the carnival red laquer (much easier to keep clean than the chrome) with remote (which is standard now). Also, the l... 
Anyone familiar w/Cary SLP-98 preamp?
The SLP 98 is a gem of a preamp. I sold it to get a 2002, then quickly went back to a 98. I compared it to VTL 5.5, VAC Standard Sig, Rogue 99, CJ PV-14, and the Cary was by far the most musical.They come off and on audiogon quickly, as they are s... 
Integrated confusion? Levinson 383 or JRConcentra
I had a Concentra II, and it wasn't my cup of tea. I have auditioned the Levinson, and it always was cold and sterile to me. Not bothersome, but not exciting. If it were me, I would audition the new BAT (i am trying to do this as well). 
What amps are being used with Revel Studios?
I've heard them on Rowland a lot (Synergy/10) 
Dynaudio Contour 1.3SE brightness?
Interesting as I have owned Wilsons and others, and the SEs are one of the few that integrate the drivers superbly. I also like the 3.0, but my room doesn't need that big of a speaker.Dyns jam or boogie so to speak...i was surprised how many speak... 
Talon Khorus x or B&W 802
To the dealers on this thread: How good are the new Ravens? They seem to be a lot of speaker at their pricing point, which is thousands less than Sophias or Studios.Thanks, and I enjoy your responses...going to hear Khorus Xs tomorrow in Anaheim, ... 
BAT VK50SE or CJ Premier 16LS Series ll
I would save a bunch of dough and buy 2 Cary Rocket 88s and the Cary 2002 preamp and vertically biamp. You can even try it with one, or get a single V12. Once you go tubes, you will forget Rotel and JDRG (which I have owned both btw).Dennis Had ha... 
RR Copland CD speaker killer?
I have this cd as well, and auditioned it on 10 different systems, full-range Watt/Pupps etc. It is in the bothered me for awhile as I thought a tube was to fault in my preamp...not so. 
PreAmp for Revel Studio with Rowland 10?
Why not get a Synergy ii if you want ss? If you want tube, check out Hovland, etc. 
Best Amp for under 10K?
I would check out the new CAT JL2...supposedly phenomenal. After discount, you should be at 10k.Other cheaper options:BAT VK75SECary V12 MK2You can't go wrong with all 3.I think the VTLs are ok, but they have so many tubes to replace....