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Acceptance Angle of FM Antenna
Above answers are correct. The real question you need to answer is how far appart in angular extent are your favorit stations. The 3db down point either side of the antenna's main axis is refered to by non engineers as the acceptance angle. This m... 
Is the Live Music Reference Correct?
I agree Jeff. The overproduced pop music leaves me cold. But that over production can be both live and recorded. I was forced at almost gun point to go see RiverDance live. Now that was an over loud, over produced event. Pretty dancers however. Go... 
I have found the Klipch sound very strident. I'd only consider horn speakers if you are a true low power fan. It you use 5 watt single ended tube gear then horn speakers are a very viable consideration. Otherwise your better off sonically with oth... 
Sonic Frontier Line 3 X Bat VK-30
I agree the SF3 is more to my liking. I own the Line 3 and auditioned the VK30 at length (not in my home system) My impressions were:1. VK-30 better imaging2. SF3 better tonal resolution3. SF3 better extension, particularly in the base4. SF3 bette... 
Jazz and Acoustic Guitar recommendation
It isn't jazz. Its Flaminco but its the best I've ever heard.Gino D'Auri's two CDs Flaminco Passion and Soul and Passion Play 
Preamp DAC for my Thiel 7.2 ML333
I wont get involved in what equipment, but will say my Sonic Frontier Line 3 goes well with Thiels. But I just lived without my SFD 2 Mark 2 while it was upgraded to the Mark III version. I used my respectable Toshiba DVD as a CD player and guess ... 
Class A?
Class A is not just output stages. It can be but many components are Class A input to output. 
Any Famous people on Audiogon ?
I used to discuss Audio on another forum with Fabio. That's ask close to infamy as I ever got. 
24/96 Transports
Avguygeorge-No 24/96 output is a digital output, a player outputs analoge possibly derived from 24/96. 
Using cheap CD-R disc on Audio recorder
Ok. I have the Harmon Cardon burner. It will not burn CDRs that don't have the audio CD logo. You are correct about CD players. Most players will play CDRs. My concern was with DVD players. Most will not play CDRs. Yes a few do but I haven't found... 
Using cheap CD-R disc on Audio recorder
Right. The cheapest CD-Rs are computer only. They have a Compact Disk Recordable logo but they are not designed for music. I can record and play back music on them on my computers CD burner but few audio CD players will play them and almost no DVD... 
Toslink VS. Coax For Transport to DAC
I agree with Comfedboy. AES/EBU is the best and AT&T glass and coax are next. I think some get confused about glass Toslink is low fi mass market crap, whereas AT&T glass (different physical connection and receiver) is respectable. 
Genesis APM-1 or Thiel CS-7 speakers
I own Thiel 3.6s, not even in the same leage as the big 7s but I'd caution you about using a McCormack amp with Thiels. They are current limiting and might make the Thiels sould very bright. Compare the impedence curves of the two speakers. Thiels... 
Audio & the Emperor’s new clothes.
This is a wonderful thread. I'd like to come to the defense of all us audiophiles in one respect. We really don't indulge in expensive gear to impress. Vary few of us have audiophile friends to impress. If you do you're fortunate. I think most of ... 
Attention Audio Veterans
Yes I owned the Pioneer linear track (also sold by PL) which was a silver thin design. Very sexy but had rumble problems like many direct drive designs. Sold it in about 1982 for a Sota Star