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Sonics Allegra or Nola Vipor 1a
thanks a lot sir 
Sonics Allegra or Nola Vipor 1a
Just got the Allegra today. Wowww! great speaker. So transparent and stunning soundstage. Bass is deep and tight.Lots of Details too. :> 
Sonics Allegra or Nola Vipor 1a
Thanks a lot sir. It might be a silly question but if you could get the new in box Martin Logan Electromotion and a demo pair unit of Sonics Allegra at the same price, what would you buy? 
Please tell me about the Coda Technologies 15.0
I just got a demo unit of Coda 15.0 today and it is exactly as Mr.Ren state above. I use it to drive the Audio Physic Avanti V and the amp is really sweet and pwerful at the same time. Never loose its grip as I increased the volume. Just pure musi... 
please help preamp tubes not shining
hi thank you all for your help. I appreciated so much. I took the pre to the dealer and it is now fixed. the problem was from the small ic regulator. the pre sounds good but why the parts are so weak. may be I don't use it regualrly,just once ever... 
please help preamp tubes not shining
dont buy this product if u dont wanna b regret from bad attitude of mr.helmut 
please help preamp tubes not shining
Just got reply email from audio valve Germany with rude answer. Don't know what's wrong with them. But no more audiovalve product. 
Anybody Heard the CODA 15.0 Amplifier?
Hi, I don't own the 15 but I'm listening to the CSX now. The amp is very very good. The sound of bass in Praticia Barber's Distortion of love album is simply amazing. Its sound is close to the real thing, really! 
Review: VooDoo Cable LLC Black Dragon II Power cord
great power cord, I just tried the Thunder Dragon today and couldn't be happier 
Audio Physic Avanti 5
Hi, I think your room should be ok, although someone recommend to have larger room to make it sings. I got the speakers already yesterday. it sounds so good, deep tight bass with romantic life like highs. Soundstage is really excellent, eventhough... 
Martin Logan prodigy
Hi thank you all for the help. 
Audionet separate vs ASR???
I've heard ASR in the dealer's room. No question about this great amp, it's PERFECT!! 
Amp for Coincident Super Eclipse
I just tried pairing up the victory model with coda csx amp I just purchased to use with usher cp-6311. Last night as my girlfriend went to a party and I had lots of free time so I just put the victory to see what would happen. Holy molyyy, I had ... 
Coda csx
I think Im becoming a fan of this brand too after listening to it last night :> 
audio valve eklipse or aesthetix calypso
Update! just got the eklipse yesterday and the dealer also offered a demo unit which is very new of the Coda CSX amp so I took it home too. The eklipse is being ran in and it sounds fabulous already. Thanks all for the comments. Anyway,any opinion...