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Stillpoint ERS Paper Question
is it less energy or a lessening of extraneous noise?, I have found that I can listen much longer, without fatique, and not want to stop listening. 
Can you suggest a warm high-end CD player?
your right, the Ayre CD 5 xe is not exactly warm, but in part it depends on the equipment it is paired with, as well the speakers. As well, eraticating all emi and rf will further the chances of this piece to be warm. I think it is warm but all th... 
Stillpoint ERS Paper Question
I placed full sheets on top of and below the CD, and two line conditions and one sheet atop the amp. with great results. then I put a 4"X7" piece to the underside of the top cover directly over two transformers in the Ayre CD 5xe. and the sound ha... 
Review: Jeff Rowland Design Concentra mkIIp Amplifier
I ended up with Synergistic Research Absolute balanced interconnects from the Rowland to an Ayre CD-5xe, SR Absolute 10ft. Speaker cables to Vince Christian E-6 monitors/dedicated Sistrum custom stands. SR Absolute Power cords to the Rowland and t... 
Can you suggest a warm high-end CD player?
ayre's new c-5 is a great bang for the buck, hard to beat at any price 
Revel Studio or Salon?
what's the better sound overall, anybody care to comment 
DVD-A/SACD two box solution what do you think?
I have caught wind that the unit is really good, and really a blast to have and use. Its adds dimension and flexibility to any system especially one that has a good foundation, meaning amp, speaker, cables, line conditioning etc. Seems like just t... 
Review: Cardas Golden Reference Interconnect
Did you try the speaker cable? 
Review: Jeff Rowland Design Concentra mkIIp Amplifier
Dave, I have a Concerta II as well. I have been experimenting with cables lately. How did you come to choose the Cardas and did you also audition the Golden Reference Speaker cable? I am having quite a hard time getting a cable that just sounds ri...