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Revelation Audio Labs cables comparison
On the contrary, Brad has been easy to deal with for me, and I remain pleased with his cables  
Looking for audiophile friends in Tampa
very far....thxneed less pressing now...problems solved 
Ortofon A95
thx @mijostyn....mine was 1988 944 turbo S, color called, amusingly, "Maraschino", a burgundy metallic...beautiful...I modified HEAVILY(here we call that "tweeked") for the track...a great track  performer!! 
Ortofon A95
thx @rauliuregas;  besides the unipivot concern, how about the mating of this same arm with the Allnic Amber?...some have recommended adding heavier than normal screws to attach the cartridge.... 
Ortofon A95
thx @ lewm, but I was actually wondering if my tonearm was a good match.... 
Ortofon A95
any thoughts about effective tonearm mass? 
Cartridge reliability
I used a Lyra Clavis for decades, without problems...I finally changed it, thinking it couldn't possibly still working 100%, not because it had failed, only then to damage it with my poor handling!! 
Oracle Audio Technologies
@tonykay , if shipped in original packing, they are quite safe and secure.... 
LTA Microzotl Preamp Level 2 upgrade
Saving my pennies, will do next year 
Roger that, Team Leader 
Downside to "revealing" system?
@dannad....exactly...none is “absolute” or “correct”...you may seek what pleases you the most, but improving one recording may seem to worsen another, so, I think, chose your favorite “references”, and work with those.... 
Downside to "revealing" system?
Interesting discussion. Of the many, many thousands of records, clearly some are going to sound better than others. I agree that on a wonderful system, all sound better, but some still sound like s---. But, to me, the “ absolute sound” does not ex... 
RIP Toots!
RIP, Toots!! 
LTA Microzotl Preamp
.....if you try it I would be surprised if u returned it