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Speaker cable arrows???
Humph, 😟Tried responding to your enquiry - at length - but post got removed. Must have blind spot? Seems English is lacking?In short, system is fine, no need to reverse, all honky dorie. Very good sound proof of pudding!Too curtailed to say more..... 
Speaker cable arrows???
Immediately I had the powerful urge to check on my Straight Wire 'Waveguide' speaker cables, in case there was a 180° reverse situation. Alas, NO ARROWS are to be found on it. Short of some metallurgical analysis I decided to go with the flow (of ... 
Does anyone collect something else other than music.
Hm, I collected exes, does that count?!? 🤔 Michélle  
Directionality Explained
Maybe quarks and spectro-spin comes into it all as well - but WHY?!?... 🤔  
Who's done it besides me ?
Actually I still quite don't know HOW it really happened, but that very front, squeezed flat part of the alu cantilever, where the stylus is inserted, of my gorgeous sounding SURE V15 III MR... alu cantilever snapped or just fell off during simple... 
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
Wireworld cable sounding better, more right somehow, just to me too. Michélle  
Love the gear (or listening to it) as much or more than the music? Sacrilege!
Hm, I was years back often trailing behind a charming 'fiend' (no spelling error) who practically always when he went into shops or attending system audition only to share afterwards how crap everything sounded and was. He never had the money at a... 
Love the gear (or listening to it) as much or more than the music? Sacrilege!
Let's talk about this marvelous kitchen-top radio! I WANT one of these!It be a lot more 'green' than my all class A gear, not so? Save me some more electricity!Dishes I do myself, no problem.Am I wrong to decline any ideas suggesting a BOSE? Been ... 
Love the gear (or listening to it) as much or more than the music? Sacrilege!
"Form follows function" comes to mind.Looking at 'ugly' gear does not help really to enjoy music, - in my estimate. I'd find it as distracting as an ugly frame on a beautiful picture. As another example, beautiful crafted e.g. wind surfing gear, i... 
Little Richard RIP
Oh dear, another great creative soul gone from us. 😟 RIP!  
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
Wow, I do like that INT 250's sound/clarity & cohesiveness, the Luxman sounding a tad more warm/minutely veiled *by comparison*.That PASS just creates a sense of almost supernatural & magical vibe with that music. Amazing.Thank you for sha... 
Most recordings you own by a single artist, group, or composer
Ludwig van Beethoven, followed by Amadeus Mozart and next I think Johannes Brahms. "Lieben Sie Brahms?" 🤔As a German born early Baby Boomer, I guess not too surprising its not Guns & Roses, or hm Red Hot Chilli Peppers... 😉 
Art Dudley passed away. Rest in Peace
I much liked his writing, he seemed still just too young to pass on.Actually am kind of shocked to learn of it, also leaves me kind of speachless. Oh, and thanks for sharing those videos... 😟 Michélle  
Mark Levinson 39 Drawer problem
Happy learn of your success, dear. 👍😊Michélle  
Mark Levinson 39 Drawer problem
Heia, good one! "Was lange währt, wird endlich gut!"Thanks for your feedback Jim. Impressed by your skilled handy work, I may say? 😉@george... There is a difference in the volume control of the WADIA (had one in my system also a short while) and t...