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Thiel Owners
I am using Kimber 8TC for Main, 4TC for rear and center. DH Labs Silver Sonic IC. I got a Sony ES TA-P9000ES 1st  but later run directly from OPPO to Amp. Amazing sound. I combined HT and SACD system into one. For 2 channel system, it is very har... 
Thiel Owners
Yes I acquired a pair of Thiel CS.5 for $100, The owner is leaving for UK so I got this small cute. Will used it with my 2.2 to form a DSD 5.0 listening environment. I use a Lexicon 512 (aka Bryston 9B-ST) to drive them, using Oppo 205 as source p... 
Best player for Spotify
News: Qobuz Hi-Res platform's debut is scheduled for this October. See Qobuz Links below
If you are a Sprint customer, you can get Tidal HiFi/MQA free trail for 6 months then $9.99 after. 16/44.1 is a big leap from 320mps. 24/48,96,192 will add listening experience.  
Oppo 205 and external DAC?
Always use 205 balanced line-out fixed for best sound quality. If your amp doesn't have balanced input, at lease have a balanced pre-amp for best result. I use a sennheiser HDVA 600 earphone amp which not only serve as earphone amp but also pre-am... 
What are you using as a controller for your audio system?
iPad, iPhone control Oppo 105D 
$1600 SCD-777ES - Where?
I bough a mint used one. I sill like the slid door CD/SACD driver. It is a classical. Much of turntable design of digital player. Will keep it. 
Tidal vs. Spotify
Day and night. PS, I listen to classical mostly. Use Oppo205 decode MQA, balanced line out ->  Sennheiser HDA600-> balanced XLR silver wire -> Sennheiser HD650 and HD600. Super transparent and clear sound.  
Oppo 105 D vs. DAC-transport combination.
Oppo 105D 1st of all is an SACD player and Hifi DAC. Which can produce 5.0 channel hi resolution music. Best of all, it is both audio and video steamer. Build in Tidal and Berlin philharmonic digital concert hall app. I could really enjoy the musi... 
Flaws in this chain?
Get an iFi DSD nano , can do DSD128, MQA, PCM384 and has an earphone amp. Silver color matches you Mac Pro. Portable. SQ is amazing. I drive my BeyerDynamic DT990 250ohm and produce amazing sound. Very cost effective if you use it in your office o... 
Flaws in this chain?
Less is more. Anything you add between Mac and DAC will color audio signal.  
Oppo 105 D vs. DAC-transport combination.
Oppo 105 is an SACD player which has multi-channel analog out. If you use it as transport,  DSD will be downgrade PCM to external DAC. So you loose 1) multi-channel 2) more information from DSD.  
Spotify vs. Apple Music vs. Google Play vs. Tidal: Which is Best
Tidal MQA is the best 192k/24bit music. much more detail and dynamic then sportify 320bps MP3. 
Flaws in this chain?
Really? But sound quality is very subjective.  
Flaws in this chain?
Less link is better. Get a Schiit Multibit Modi DAC. Then Macbook->USB->Modi DAC->line out RCA-> RCA->Modi 2 preamp->Amp