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Steamer That Plays and Rips CD's an has Internal Storage
Sony or many others. but all these I believe is over priced with build in storage. I would use external storage. You might want use SSD for low noise. You can read and write to SSD from regular hardrive very qick. I just a USB thumb stick.  
A Tidal/Deezer Streamer to augment Oppo 105?
Just look at Deezer, isn’t it streaming at MP3 filesa t 320kbit/sec?  then NoThe Tidal is far superior than Deezer. It streams lossless at 44.1K/16bit and lossy 192k/24bit. You might try Qobus if you liken native 96k/24bit. If you have Tidal, you ... 
A Tidal/Deezer Streamer to augment Oppo 105?
You could rip all CD into harddrive. Oppo can connect to a music server and play all kind of music files. Tidal HiFi is very good for streaming 44.1k/16bit files, added MQA. Your 105 won't decode MQA, but your PC/Mac will do MQA 1st unfold 96k/24b... 
BlueSound Node 2 - connect to pre-amp direct or to Oppo UDP-205 and then to pre-amp
use Mac Mini as media player and connect it usb with oppo 205, set Tidal MQA playback direct through and let Oppp EES 9038 chip to decode whatever files format . if you use window's system, Use Foobar2000 to play back DSD files and PCM files. 
A Tidal/Deezer Streamer to augment Oppo 105?
Just use Oppo-105 to stream Tiadal. Use iOS or Android device to browse and control. less component and cable give pure music stream. If you have balanced input in your amp, use it. XLR has much lower background noise, high dynamic and deep sound ... 
High resolution digital is dead. The best DAC's killed it.
Does MP3 sounds better with better DAC than red book CD? 
Compare OPPO BDP-105 to Anthem D2 on DAC. My impression. What is yours?
Your 105 or 105D is a wonderful tidal streamer. use ipad to browse and contol. You could use direct out from 105 to amp, by pass pre-amp volume control . use XLR output as possible.  
MQA is Legit!
Tidal 2L Nordic Sound MQA Sampler at 352khz/24bit, But most Tidal MQAs are in 96/24 and 88/24. Since you PC Tidal can do 1st unfold MQA to 96/24 and 88/24. You don't need a MQA DAC. The SQ might be best by using a MQA DAC. 
A comparison between two DACs, one R-2R, the other ES 9038-based.
That's why audiophile should spend 60% budget on a good pair of speakers, 30% on amps, and 10% on CD (DAC) players. 
Can someone tell me why Tidal MQA shows as 96Khz when using a non-MQA DAC?
You Tidal PC app will do 1st unfold for you. So if you have a HiRes DAC, ot will show 96/24 or 88/24. If you have a MQA DAC, it will do the 2nd unfold to 192/24, 176/24 for you. Remember anything above 44.1khz is a lossy but it's beyond your heari... 
Quality of music after 1st MQA unfold
You can use PC Tidal App to do 1st unfold MQA to 96/24 or 88/24 which sounds fantastic. If you have MQA compatiable DAC. Then let MQA direct through to double unfold to 192/24 or 172/24. The 96/24 and 88/24 is the sweet spot from Redbook to HiRes ... 
Streaming music- not the end all music solution but one main advantage?
Gramophone for classical music.  
Can someone tell me why Tidal MQA shows as 96Khz when using a non-MQA DAC?
If you use PC to stream MQA and let PC App to do the 1st unfold, you will get 96/24. If you have MQA DAC, it will unfold the rest to 192/24.  
Upgrade from Oppo Sonica DAC
I have over 2000 DSD albums . I am using Foobar2000 to DoP to feed my Oppo HA-1 and Oppo 205. Can also play DSDx2,x4 or even MQA. R2R DAC can't do DSD and MQA naturally.  
Is now a good time to buy a pre-owned DAC?
Buy newest DAC. I mean DAC capable DSD, MQA and Redbook.