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Computer to DAC Streamer
Oppo Sonica streamner or Oppo 105 (has a Tidal bulid in App) to skip coumputer. Or Mac Mini to DAC which many audiophile are using. change Mac hard drive to SSD and you will get  a low noise computer. 
Qobuz Users Update?
i have Qobuz and Tidal. Like SQ of Qobuz. Tidal MQA SQ is next. However, On the road, my my cell phone cant keep up speed with Qobuz, sound freq drop out. Tidal MQA is still good. Also I have a student discount with cut Tidal to $10/MONTH . So I a... 
R2R Dac choices.
Schiit Modi Multibit DAC. $199 a piece I believe. it is a 16bit R2R DAC. Good enough for casual listening (red book, tidal streaming).  You Oppo203 has a delta-sigma DAC which is very good for DSD. So a 16bit R2R will be a good combination with yo... 
Oppo 103 comparison with an Ayre Codex
I use Oppp105D XLR lineout to Sennheise DVA600 Earphone Amp/Pre-amp and get the best sound quality. 
Sound quality issues streaming from Tidal vs CD
Qobuz has the best SQ, followed by Tidal HiFi MQA. You will need good bandwidth ISP plus good DAC to enjoy the music. they will sound better than Redbook CD in most case though sometimes I can't tall them apart. if you stream from PC, USB port can... 
Digital vs Vinyl: The winner is ??
Film photograph vs digital photograph.  
SACD player with variable output.
Oppo SACD player has volume control and earphone amp. 
Sorry to ask this SACD question, but
SACD is a 1bit 2.8224 MHz format. You will need SACD player to pay it. 
Oppo 205 guagers selling used units for twice the price...
205 is a 4K player+SACD/CD+DAC combination. Worth it otr not at 1.2k, you decide with your wallet. For audiophile, a used 105D is the best ,less 4K.  
price of Oppo players threw the roof
8K TV is coming out. I wich Oppo could put Oppo 305 4K player on drawing board.  
Oppo 205 guagers selling used units for twice the price...
You didn't mention other DAC ask for 5K and less performance. 205 priced low MSRP. 
Is there a difference in sound quality when streaming TIDAL Vs CD player
I can hardly tell difference between CD and Tidal. I am now subscribe Qobuz Studio (a lot 192kHz/24bit and 96kHz/24bit), I am quite satisfied. 
Buying three hunderds 2$ classical CD in one week.
excellent collection. I have bought a lot classical box set. since I am also a Tidal member. I listen to Tidal more.  
What are you streaming tonight?
TIDAL Master Quality
MQA file can still play through non-MQA DAC as 44.1kHz/16bit, or do 1st unfold to 48Khz/24bit (on PC). If you have a MQA capable DAC, you can either let DAC to do both unfold (to 96kHz/24bid) or let PC do 1st unfold and let DAC to the 2nd. I prefr...