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What volume level should a DAC be set to when feeding your Pre Amp
Line out level 
Thiel Owners
I have a pair if Thiel 2.2. Paired with McCormack DNA 1.0. Oppo 105D Tidal streaming. The SQ is excellent.  
Using Solar battery for DAC and Pre-amp
I bought a solar battery pack with inverter. 12V to 110V pure sine wave. The batter is Li battery which is very light and provide very constant  DC voltage.  
Using Solar battery for DAC and Pre-amp
You can still charge your solar battery with 110V AC during rainy days and still beable to use the pure sine wave power source your low current components. 
Ended my Qobuz subscription
Qobuz has 96/24 and Tidal has MQA, 94/24 is slightly bigger file than MQA. At home set up, Qobuz SQ is better than Tidal. On the road, depend on cellular reception. 
Playing SACDs
Historically, recording start from mono to stereo (actually 3 front channels) to multi-channel. Vinyl limited to stereo (2 channel) the sound image is hard to image with just 2 channel (you need to toe in and sit the at the best spot to get good i... 
Playing SACDs
SACD has two-channel and 5.0 channel. I dont know if any outboard DAC can do 5.0. Also DSD can only pass through HDMI encrypted. Does your DAC have HDMI port or just co-axial, optical., PCM will lose the purpuse of DSD. I would still use Oppo out ... 
SACD or not SACD?
One of the feature SACD is 5.0 multi-channel (full frequency, not Dolby surround). If you have a 5-channel amp and 5 full-range speakers and large enough listening room, you are going to create a music hall in your house. I did this and the music ... 
Sony DVP-S9000es question
What DAC you would pair with DVP9000ES? 
Why a separate DAC?
Separate DAC: you can try different DAC without replace other components.  
Why a separate DAC?
Because DAC tech has advanced very quickly. DSD/MQA/HiRes DAC was not available 10 years ago.  
Ended my Qobuz subscription
SQ wise, Qobuz has not competition. I listen classic music most of time. Tidal has good collection of music and lossless /MQA. I have student discount that cut cost in 1/2. I also have sizeable CD and SACD collections. Not enough time to listen al... 
Question about internet connection to streamer
Cat5 is faster enough 
Trying to get a general idea of SQ hierarchy for combo pre/DAC vs separate boxes
Oppo 105 has Tidal App streamer build in ( I believe it is the last version of Oppo has this feature). You use mobile device to browse and contro the Oppo. You will use Opps's XLR balanced lineout. You will need a good a balanced Pre-amp amp combo... 
Can I play Tidal on two devices at the same time?
I found sometime yes and sometimes no. Why do you want to two streamings? Is one audiophile in one house not enough?