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Why does my old CD player sound so much better than my new streamer?
I got my Sony DVP-S7000 from storage yesterday. Fire it up, insert my favorite CD, Wala, the music is as enjoyable as Tidal HiFi. The machine is the suppose to be DVD player but Sony added redbook laser lens. It has one of the best transport. I wi... 
Is dedicated PreAmp with Oppo 105 needed?
Sony ES TA-P9000ES 5 channel audiophile class preamp. 
Do we really need anything greater than 24/96? Opinions?
Agree well recorded and mastered 16/44 is very enjoyable. However 24/96 is better and 24/192 is even better. DSD is as good as 24/192.  
Do we really need anything greater than 24/96? Opinions?
depend how young the listener's ears are.  
If you still spin CD's their is a reference level Transport for reasonable money
do we need spin cd? i believe future music is cloud based music. make sure you cd player is able to do streaming. If you have sizeable cd collection. rip them to hd. 
$1300-1500 DAC
Oppo 205, DSD/MQA/PCM DAC $1299 MSRP. 
SACD 5.1 vs 2 channel - really different!!
SACD suppose to be 5.0 (not 5.1). All change is full range and should be same. I used Bryston 9B-St and an Oppo95 to feed. Five ML Arieses dong 5.0. 
Amazon just killed Tidal
I get Tidal HiRes @ $9.99 with student discount (no actually my son is a student). I am fortunate to own an Oppo205 with a build in MQA decode. Guess MQA even has a 384khz/24bit MQA recording. I can download to my Pioneer XDP100-R (which also has ... 
New to classical music
Mozart. That's all. 
Pls Recommend Streamer Under $500 for Tidal “HiFi”
A used Oppo103, or 105 
Amazon Launches Lossless "Hi-rez" HD Music Service
44.1K/16bit is not a HD format. I don't know why Amazon call it HiRes. for most people an MP3 320kps is more than enough and compact on mobile device. For audiophile folks on this forum, 96K/24bit is barely minimum. I would say 192k/24bit or DSD64... 
Amazon Launches Lossless "Hi-rez" HD Music Service
I have the student discount Tidal subscription. Also I have the Oppo105 which has Tidal streamer build in (no need of USB). And I am lucky to have the last batch of Oppo205 (MQA decoder). As an audiophile and Tidal customer, I would stay with Tida... 
Amazon Launches Lossless "Hi-rez" HD Music Service
Only if Amazon have off-line ultra HD. LTE is not reliable at some location and insider building. I would do hard wired streaming at home or off-line on the road. Doing away from MQA is good if Amazon can do 192/24 or at least 96/24. My Oppo HA-1 ... 
Pls Recommend Streamer Under $500 for Tidal “HiFi”
Oppo105D. building in Tidal App. SACD/Blueray universal player.  
Tidal - why only remastered versions?
Isn’t remastered sound better? MQA is also a remastered format, sound much better than original.