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Is computer audio a bust?
Lenovo T62 foobar2000 + 3T SACD *iso ->DSD64 via USB cable to FIIO X3 2nd, ->FIIO X3 Line out + Radioshack 3mm to RCA + Opp95 with SACD *iso and Tidal lossless play-> McCormack TLC1 Pre-amp->Kimber PBJ->McCormack DNA 1 Amp-> AQ M... 
When I have seen people listing their systems lately
I have collection of CD, SACD. And I am using Oppp95 to play *iso SACD on DVD-R. I also use Foobar2000 to play SACD *iso with Fiio X3 2nd as external USB DAC. Used Tidal for a two month trial and really like it though the price a bit high. 
Best SACD/CD player
oppo 95 or 105.  
Modwright Oppo 95 or 105
95 plays SACD iso files. 105 doesn't. 95 is also cheaper than 105. 
What is you TIDAL setup?
Thinkpad T41-> Cheap USB A to B cable-> Oppo 105 USB-> Kimber PBJ IC-> McCormack TLC-1 PreAmp-> Kimber PBJ-> McCormack DNA1.0 Delux Amp-> AQ MidNight Speaker Cable-> Thiel 2.2 Speaker. 
Sony SCD-777ES vs current Players
I have both 777es and oppo 95. The 777 taks minutes to load sacd. The 95 has fan which is annoying. For two channnel, the 777 is good and oppo is better. For multi-channel, the oop is much capable. The oppo can also play my sacd backup in iso form...