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Manual for Blue Circle BC-23 phono amp?
Contact Amherstaudio: http://www.amherstaudio.comBlue Circle is back (sort of), here’s their new forum: http://tlp-audio.com/forum/index.php?sid=8b005cb9f785c44a63c2f40020d89b51 
Kuzma Stabi S and 4point? overkill?
Yes I’m not generally one to try and put these things into words. I tend to thing turntables are incredibly difficult to compare when we’re also factoring in preamps, cartridges, tonearm, etc... All those things NOT being equal within my system I ... 
Kuzma Stabi S and 4point? overkill?
It’s excellent. I’m fan of the high torque/plastic belt design. Drive that reminds me of a Garrard 301, but with more finesse. 
Kuzma Stabi S and 4point? overkill?
Wow this old thread of mine suddenly seems to have legs. I ended up not going with a “mismatch” as I intended, but jumping to a Stabi M/4 Point. I’ve been very pleased with it.  
Which courier do you prefer?
In my area USPS wins. UPS is second and FedEx a distant third. I can’t count the number of times they either delivered to the wrong house or left a slip without knocking while someone was home, which I can’t figure out. At this point I’ve resigned... 
Blue Circle Audio is Out of Business
I’m in full agreement with you. I can clearly see why these events would be a bother to  BC owners, particularly newer ones. As much as I found his quirkiness and pursuit of staying off the beaten path appealing, I see how that wouldn’t work for m... 
Blue Circle Audio is Out of Business
@has2be points well taken. I’m not an insider here, but know that Gilbert had thought of retiring for quite a while, and had alluded to it multiple times on the BC forum. I agree this was an abrupt end, but Gilbert retiring and the end of BC would... 
Blue Circle Audio is Out of Business
No affiliation but I’m a big BC fan. For the sake of clarity they didn’t go out of business, Gilbert Yeung, who IS BC, retired. Saturn audio is not a replacement , it’s a side project that he does design work for. Owners shouldn’t be worried, I he... 
Swapping Platters on Thorens 124
I have a MKI with the Woodsong hub replacement and a Tenuto mat. I have no problems with my Decca’s or SPU’s. That said I didn’t have a problem before I had the thick Tenuto mat either. I know these issues must be based on some type of genuine his... 
Contemplating DEVORE SPEAKERS (and others)....LONG audition report of many speakers
A little more time with Reynaud's and you'll find they aren't bright at all. They are somewhat forward, but to me that's akin to the immediacy of live music. I've never heard another speaker do it better. Maybe you should go listen to the new Absc... 
Integrated amp choice for JMR Offrande Supreme V2
@quanghuy147 yes. I’ve owned multiple Reynaud’s (currently Offrande Supreme V2s) as well as Harbeth SHL5 and 30.1’s. For me, there’s simply no comparison. Reynaud’s have more of everything.  
Whats in your second system?
Second system (living room): Audio Note OTO SigAudio Note E HEsThorens TD-124Third (bedroom):Audiomat Arpege RefTrenner and Friedl Stone ArtsSony 5400 
Who needs a MM cartridge type when we have MC?
Thanks for your advice Halcro, it worked out well! I'll post an update after I spend some time with the SAS, due to arrive any day now.  
Who needs a MM cartridge type when we have MC?
Thanks @chakster I’ll look for one! 
Who needs a MM cartridge type when we have MC?
@halcro I just want to tip my hat to all the suggestions in this thread. I picked up a NOS Victor Z1 and have it mounted on a 4point. In a word: incredible. A truly eye opening experience. AND that's without the NEO-SAS stylus that is yet to arriv...