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Best tonearm for London Reference Cartridge
At this moment I'm listening to a London Reference/4Point/Stabi M. I'd say the 4Point works well with the Refernece, slightly better than it did with a Triplanar. I haven't had any tracking difficulties on the mentioned arms nor a SME 3012R and Sc... 
Anyone experience Cala Mighty Sound Denon 103's.
Yes yes please let us know what you think. In my case I'd probably want their heaviest body as I'd like it try it on my 4-point, and Kuzma's own cartridges are 17g. 
New Ikea storage unit great for LP's!
Thanks bdp24. Makes  Looks like it's time to get to an IKEA and check them out.  
New Ikea storage unit great for LP's!
Thanks very much! I also need six, but will probably need to stack them two high. I had much the same thought about the supports, but wasn't sure the single length under frame would attach to a double wide unit. Let us know how it turns out! 
New Ikea storage unit great for LP's!
Hey bdp24, which base are you getting, if any? I'm considering these and like the look of the wood base, but I'm conserned it wouldn't support a shelf full of records.  
Bumping this old thread. Anyone now have experience with these? I'm thinking if trying one on my 4 Point, which should of course be a good match. Specifically I'm wondering if the leap in price from the 40 to 50 is worthwhile. Thanks.  
Cartridge suggestion for Triplanar w/1:10/1:20 SUT
Thanks guys. I ended up with the EMT. Kind of a wild card but I've wanted to give one a shot for a long time. If it doesn't work out I have a Schick tonearm on another table that I know it will work well with.  
Cartridge suggestion for Triplanar w/1:10/1:20 SUT
Oh yeah also considering an EMT JSD 6. I had an tsd15 for years that I loved but never had it on the Triplanar. 
OK...I've ditched my mono cartridge
I did the same. I was inspired by The Beatles box, went all out with a Miyajima Zero setup (including SUT and mono phono pre), but finally concluded it was slightly irrational to justify the expense with only 100 or so mono albums. 80% of those we... 
Best near wall high end speaker
A little above your budget and a little too wide, but I’ll suggest Trenner and Friedl Pharoahs anyway. They also make these tiny little Sun speakers for around $2500 that are supposed to be quite good. Both are designed for near wall placement.  
Harbeth vs JM Reynaud
Wim1983: simply put Harbeths don't draw me into the music like Reynauds do. The issue with the 30.1's had nothing to do with bass, I simply didn't connect with them. After all the whole point of this entire hobby is to be emotionally moved by musi... 
Harbeth vs JM Reynaud
Another vote for Reynaud here. I've owned Twin Signatures, Cantabile Supremes, and Offrandes Supreme V2s. On the Harbeth side I've owned SHL5s and 30.1s. Both of which left my house within a few months. Twice I went to Harbeth's in between Reynaud... 
Recommend A More Dynamic Monitor Than Harbeth C7
JM Reynaud Bliss Silver with Magic Stands. A very natural step (up in my opinion) from Harbeth. 
Need a power cord for Garrard 301.
Will do thanks again Dan! 
Need a power cord for Garrard 301.
Dan: beautiful 401! Plinth is already made without a spot for an IEC (and I won't/can't do it myself).David: amazing systems! You're probably right, I'm overthinking this.