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Anyone try Pvane tubes in your Dac or CD player?
Josefm,that is depressing:< Guess I'll find out soon if they match up better w/the Vincent.What 12au7 worked out for you? 
Anyone try Pvane tubes in your Dac or CD player?
One of the 12ax7s bit the dust tonight:< so I orderd some Pvanes since they are half the cost of the nos tubes I long to try.They can't be any worse than what's in there now[electroharmonics and generic Chinese]I'll post again and let ya'll kno... 
Anyone try Pvane tubes in your Dac or CD player?
Thanks for everyone's input.I'm trying to make an informed decision since you can't audition and return them like cables.Like you said Mechans,it gets crazy expensive.BTW,the Vincent has 3 12ax7s and 1 12au7.$$$ Have a great weekend all! 
Your thoughts please
Bare wire treated with a little ProGold to prevent corosion is best IMO.I have found that plastic screw downs do not stay screwed down on spades,they must constantly be re tightened. 
Tube Amps and Cabling
I have found that tube amps do not do well with a heavy gage cable.16 or 14 gage is best. 
DIY Cable: Cotton
You can use cotton shoestrings and fish the wire through [they are hollow]If you are making speaker cables,you can buy the string in bulk.Sorry,I don't know a company name ofhand,but if you Google "bulk shoestring" you'll find several.Good luck wi... 
Most "Musical" sounding speaker cable under $1000
Another plain gray jacket that is too cheap to be good is Belkin Av from Partsconnextion.28 cents a foot,terminate it yourself or use the bare wire ends.The same PCOCC copper used by many high end cable manufactures.It is the tiniest bit on the co... 
Actually have used both.The Morrows are very clean and clear,the AudioArt are slightly "sweeter" and better on transients.String sounds are more articulate with the AA.They are both decent cables.I suggest you try both and return the ones that don... 
Dedicating circuits and fancy power outlets
I put in a dedicated line in with a PSAudio Power Port and it it did lower the noise floor.I believe a hospital grade outlet or "audiophile" outlet simply has a firmer grip on the plug and the dedicated line isn't broken up several times on it's w... 
Morrow IC
I used to have MA3 ICs.They are clean, clear, and have a very low noise floor.I currently have Siltech Paris,which are cleaner,clearer,and a bit silkier on top. 
Help with new system
I own an Audiolab integrated amp that is used in a HT set up.It does have a rough treble, not good for music.I believe that is their "house sound" from reading reviews of other Audiolab products.It does have excellent punchy bass and I don't notic... 
Subwoofer hook up
You might try downloading manuals from the web sites of subs you're interested in.They will have diagrams for hook ups in various systems. 
Static/scratchiness - driving me crazy!!
It is very likely taking a few seconds to lock on the signal,if that`s the case, it may be a design problem.Can you take it to the store and compare to their floor model to see if both do it?If not, warranty should cover it.