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Wilson v Sonus Faber
The older Wilson tweeter was terrible, same was true of Thiels. The only time I have heard the Wilsons sound good was on tubes, but they couldnt deliver at higher volumes so George is correct in this regard. My thoughts are that driven by Levinson... 
First Watt J2
Second the Atma-sphere suggestion. You can choose between 30 or 60 w/channel. With the right load nothing I have ever heard comes close. 
A question for fans of Threshold amplifiers
Well I dont read reviews so checking on your in-house amps is a no-go. I believe it was one of the later e models but I will call him to check.Your post may not invite an argument, but you used the words "some of the most highly regarded/high pric... 
Am I asking for too much??
Well according the JA the 1st, all of the reviewers at Stereophile pay dealer cost for their equipment. If this is true then Mike Fremer has a system that set him back about $ 500K. Further, he denied the existence of long term loaners which has b... 
A question for fans of Threshold amplifiers
Well this post is useless unless you are willing to name the "highly regarded" amps that you used to compare. Having heard a Threshold not long ago I have a hard time believing what you just posted. 
Am I asking for too much??
I think that Stereophile is much worse than TAS because I dont ever remember TAS saying that they are objective and without an agenda. The more manufacturers you talk with the more you discover how tainted this entire process really is. I cant sta... 
Standmount speakers. I have $5000.
I think that the Jern speakers look, on paper, very promising. Sealed cabinet is a big plus in my book. Shape and cabinet material also looks really interesting. If you take a look at most the speakers others have suggested you will see a, to me, ... 
Gold Lion KT88's Upgrade
If agree with the member whose suggested the GE 6550s. If you can swing the cost. I recently bought a fairly decent number of the Russian Gold Lion KTs and wasnt impressed with the factory test readings in terms of consistency. Not huge numbers bu... 
4 ohm (or 6) Bookshelf speakers. Pass Labs 30.8
There is a better than average chance that the 30.8 and a vast majority of amplifiers both S.S. and tube will perform better with a higher impedance speaker. The impedance swing will be a less significant factor with S.S. than tube however. I thin... 
Your favorite Electrostatic, Panel spkr
My initial answer would be Quads, but I also liked some of the aspects of the King Sound speakers that I have heard at shows. I dislike the Sanders (heard only at shows) and have only heard Sound Labs sound great in one instance. 
Audiogon member suggestions for a speaker that sounds good at low volume!!!
My speakers arent as OTL friendly as my friends but I am strongly considering Ralph's larger OTLs to replace my Phi 200 as well as my S.S. amp. On the right speaker I have never heard any tube amp that I like as much as Atma-sphere and I have hear... 
Audiogon member suggestions for a speaker that sounds good at low volume!!!
I had a First Watt and sold it to a friend who used if for a time and then sold it and got Atma-sphere M60s . The improvement with the M-60s was significant. To be fair the M-60s also beat out my VAC Phi 200 and 2 300B SETs by a wide margin.  
Audiogon member suggestions for a speaker that sounds good at low volume!!!
I didnt read all of the responses, but you guys are missing the obvious which is the type of amp driving the speakers. To may way of thinking this is Audio 101. 
Audiogon member suggestions for a speaker that sounds good at low volume!!!
I find tube amps to be better than S.S. for sounding linear at low volumes.  
My 1st Tube Equipment Experience
Run the Herron directly from the wall outlet.