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Monitor/Bookshelf speakers for 20w SET-cost no object
the MM DeCapo or the pricier Master Control Reference monitors are outstanding speakers for SET amps. 
Speaker Cable for Tube SET System?
Ray Kimber of Kimber Kable stated recently in a post that he is going to be developing a new line of cables designed for SET amplification. Something to watch for. 
college kid needs help with budget amps
I would look for a PSE Studio IV amplifier and a passive pre (possibly the Creek mentioned by someone else) ... the PSE's can be found for around $325-375 and are a bargain for the sound/build quality. When new in the early to mid 90's, these amps... 
Gradient Revolutions have the reputation of being an excellent match with the Sunfire amp. There is a magazine reviewer for the Absolute Sound who uses this set-up as his reference. Personally I have not heard this combination, but I have heard th... 
Which Solid State amp 2k used? Krell?
The new Innersound amp is designed specifically for electrostatic speakers and received a RAVE review in the latest Absolute Sound. I have no experience with this amp myself but it sounds like it would be worth checking out. 
Which speakers use the Revelator tweeter
norh 7.0 and 9.0 Sonus Faber Electa Amator II probably others but these are the ones I am sure of. 
Pathos InPower Monoblocks
Never heard the monoblocks but the Twin Towers integrated was one of the finest amps I have ever heard .... better than Levinson 333's and the CJ Premier 12's on a pair of Vienna Mahlers. If it were me, I'd make the trip. 
The Rhythm by North Creek Music Systems
another speaker that uses the Revelator tweeter is the norh 7.0 and norh 9.0 ... available only factory direct. I have not heard the speakers, but they get EXCELLENT user reviews. Search for norh loudspeakers at google.com for the web site. 
47 Labs GAINCARD, does it live up to the hype?
I have owned the Gaincard for about 6mos now and it never fails to impress. It is extremely detailed but also very musical. It will make the most of your best cd's and reveal all the imperfections of the worst (along with any upstream component de... 
Power for Audio Physics Virgo speakers
If you have a small to medium size room, definitely look at the 47 Labs Gaincard, a 25w/ch SS integrated. See it at www.sakurasystems.com, excellent amp and an excellent match for the Virgos. 
Sony scd-777es,normal cd's
it is a steal at $1500 ... be prepared for a lllloooonnnngggg break in period though. I have used mine for about 500hrs now and the sound has finally settled in. It continued to improve up until about a month ago so I would say break it in for 400... 
pathos twin towers integrated amp
In the right system/room this amp is magical. I do agree with the other post that it is not necessarily accurate, but it makes MUSIC. It was probably the best amp I ever owned but I had to sell it for financial reasons. I still miss it. :( 
Best amp for Silverline Sonatinas
An excellent match of the solid state variety is the 47 Labs Gaincard integrated. You can find out more info at http://www.sakurasystems.com/ 
Power Amp for Sonus Faber Electa Amatour
Have you considered going the integrated amp route?? If so, Sonus Faber makes a BEAUTIFUL integrated called the Musica which would match the Electa Amators perfectly. I believe it lists for around $3000 new. Check it out on the SF website ... It i... 
Speakers to beat wife-factor ?
You would not get Forte like bass from the Magnepans or any panel speaker ... they just don't produce bass the same way. A good box speaker that allows placement relatively close to the rear wall is the Aerial Acoustics Model 6. It is small (for a...