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Speaker selector switches...
Niles makes some models rated at 250watts ... I don't know the exact model numbers however. They are very well made units (generally better than the Adcom). 
Experience with Cary SEI300
I had a 300SEI with a pair of ProAc 1sc's in a small room and the sound was fantastic. This combo will perform beautifully with jazz and acoustic music. With "denser" music, it will sound good but you will not be playing to the strength of the sys... 
Can the Rowland Concentra II be beat?????
If you can find a Pathos dealer in your area, give the Twin Towers a try ... in the right system, this amp is AMAZING!!Jeff 
Int-Tude Amp for ProAc1sc?
One of the best combo's I heard (and also owned) was the 1sc with a Cary 300SEI (w/ WE 300B's) ... if you do not have a large room, this set-up would be hard to beat especially for your music preference you mentioned. 
need info on switch box
The best available is the 47 Labs 4707 Input Chooser ... lists for around $700. Visit www.sakurasystems.com for details. 
What pre-amp would you choose
No preamp at all ... buy something like a Resolution Audio CD50 or 55 and run it direct to the amp. If you are only going to have one source, this is an excellent way to upgrade your front-end (other CD players from Wadia, Theta, Accuphase, etc al... 
Quality Monitors?
One of the best speakers for the Sim Moon I-5 is the Totem Tabu ... I believe this is the speakers used by Sim's designer in the voicing of the I-5. I am not familiar with the Paradigm speaker, but the Totems have excellent bass for what is a rela... 
The Little Tube Amp That Could?
Music Reference RM10 ... one of the most underrated buys in audio. 35 watts of beautiful el84 sound. A little tube amp that can and will. 
Best speakers for my system/taste/budget?
GR Research Paradox speakers have been raved about on the AudioAsylum (www.audioasylum.com) ... if you assemble and finish them yourself they will cost around $400. Finished price is less than $500 factory direct. They look beautiful and feature g... 
Inexpensive passive pre
there is a VERY simple passive for auction on eBay (at least I think it is still available ... not sure when it ends though). It is a small box with dual attenuators and one set of in and out jacks. Last I saw it was sitting at $39.95 with no rese... 
SS amp with Merlins plinius ?
is the Pathos Twin Towers. Absolutely STUNNING with the Merlin VSM's. Only 35w/ch but it is a tube/ss hybrid which operates in pure class A. Another bonus is that the Pathos is one of the most beautiful pieces of audio gear in the world IMO (if th... 
Integrateds-Krell or Plinius?
an EXCELLENT product in the same price range but with less power (70w/ch) 
Best Passive Pre-amp with remote??
possibly the best ever made 
Best integrated ever made ?
I definitely concur with Mcpl ... the Twin Towers is one of the best pieces of audio gear I have heard. I owned one a few years back and had to sell it for financial reasons. Ever since that day I have been searching for a component that would con... 
Speakers recommendations when placement is an issue
Talon Audio speakers are designed for real world listening spaces and they are OUTSTANDING performers (at least in my experience with the Peregrines) ... defintely worth a look if they are in your budget. I never thought I could have my system suc...