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Neat cheap amp suggestions . Help me have fun.
by @ $100 and get a PSE Studio IV ... excellent sound and bullet proof design ... you would not be disappointedJeff 
Nice looking - for living room?
when used with the variable outputs ... the tube output stage is analog and will operate similarly to having a tube preamp ... cannot imagine that using a preamp, even a multi-thousand dollar one, would make an improvement.the Duetto is a classic ... 
Nice looking - for living room?
a Consonance Droplet to a Wavelength Duetto feeding a pair of Cain and Cain speakers ... there are used of all on the market and you would be under the $8k mark. with the droplet, no preamp is neededI am not selling any of the aboveJeff 
Anyone hear GMA First Overture DAC ??
email me if you'd like and if you are near NE PA you are welcome to hear it too. 
Best Integrated Amp You Ever Heard?
with the right speakers it is pure magic 
Speakers for Pathos TT
magical in a small room ... 
Tube, hybrid or solid state for Merlin TSM-MMs?
is what I was referring to and what I have offered for sale ... beautiful unit and perfect for the TSM but runs too hot for any enclosed space (which my re-decorated living room calls for)Thanks for your post and the boost to the VAMP!Jeff 
Tube, hybrid or solid state for Merlin TSM-MMs?
call Bobby and Merlin and ask him about this unit ... I have one for sale here on AudiogoN. That is all I will say ... CALL BOBBY and ask about the Joule!Jeff 
Goldpoint Passive Preamps
Have you tried contacting Joule about lowering the gain on the LA-100??? If you are sticking with that piece and your current amps it would be by far better than sticking anything else in the signal path.Jeff 
Integrate amp for gallo refernce 3 speakers
another to add is the Tact M2150 ... excellent control and soundstaging (improves on this already outstanding quality) ... not an easy amp to find but VERY good.also the Joule Vamp integrated (100w/ch tube/mosfet hybrid)... have used this extensiv... 
To anyone who has TT
if you are referring to the Pathos TT, check out Vienna Acoustics speakers .... Mozarts if your room is small, Beethoven if larger 
Speaker choice, help please.
Konus Audio Essence ... designed by the European distributor of 47 Labs gear. Excellent sound with within inches of any wall. 
Amplifier suggestions to drive a pair of NHT 3.3
Corey Greenberg formerly of Stereophile and Michael Fremer formerly of the Absolute Sound used the 3.3's as their reference speakers for a time when with these respective magazines ... I believe both used the Aragon 4004mk II as the partnering amp 
Anyone heard the Zu Cable "Druids"....
sweet spot is no smaller than with any direct radiating speaker and larger than some ... not a head in a vise speaker by any means. worth a listen if you are in the market. 
Anyone heard the Zu Cable "Druids"....
I have a pair at home right now ...was sceptical like you but they really do many things very well. the addition of the supertweeter is the biggest asset ... without it the speaker would be quite boring. Bass is very good to about 45hz then rolls ...