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Let me end the Premp/Amplifier sound debate ...
Room, different levels of hearing, monetary investment, system many factors go into this topic. I have 8 mid-level amps and none are significantly different to me. Number 9 just showed up and it may prove me wrong. Too soon to tell an... 
Moderation/Censorship Poll and surely more...
More. Keep it between the lines. Plenty of opportunities elsewhere for free speech. Like a tatoo on your forehead.  
Is there a solid fuse-like item that I can use in place of a fuse, to bypass it?
Original Poster b. 1972 d. 2022 Great Father, Devoted Husband, Bad Tweaker.   Do not do this.   
Why don't upgrade the wires and components inside our units?
Warranty and resell issues prevent some. Murphy prevents me as him and I are firm friends.   
What is it I'm failing to grasp?
To venture into a different direction. Please continue to support live music. Regardless of sound quality. In many cases the only way these folks can survive.  Live music reference point sort of a straw man. But what else are you going to use as ... 
King Crimson
I remember Beaker Street! Many late night listening sessions. I believe I had some NAD stuff and a pair of Heresey's.   
Is Old Music Killing New Music?
Music of the 70's dominates today cause it is standing the passage of time. Too soon to see if it will conquer Bach and Beethoven, though not likely. Garcia made the comment that the Dead was just a dance band. Is it all about the rhythm?   
Those who seek to deny access to information
Continual improvement may not define the audiophile. When the journey becomes Ahab.  One can also reach a satisfaction dictated by results, age, budget, etc.  My bone of contention are the miracle products and proponents of absolutism. Also my ... 
Why are ????????
Dear OP, I am sorry your Russian mail order bride has been delayed. My condolences to you sir. However there are other websites with complete freedom of expression from which your frustration can be abated.  
Is Old Music Killing New Music?
Things change. But you do need to stand up and dance every now and then.   
A Suggestion Regarding Removal Of Posts
Their sandbox, their rules. If you invite me over for supper and I insult your cooking you are not inviting me back. Not censorship. False equivalency.   
Audio nonsense
Some people hear better than others or maybe hear differently. Another factor to gum up the works. Best to keep an open mind lined with a healthy dose of skepticism. But most of us have modest systems inherently unable to benefit from the majority... 
Audio nonsense
@perkri  If so basic why don't all speaker cable makers indicate it as such and market accordingly? I am placing my coin in moderate cables bereft of over fluffing. Not against high dollar cables but a modest system is not going to benefit. Clutc... 
Why dealers disparage certain products?
Maybe if your competitor disses your product on the internet?  Or posts a false review of your restaurant? There may be times to attack a competitor, but it is not without peril.   
Audio nonsense
Arrows on cables.  And why should I buy something because someone says that is the only way to form a valid opinion? Like saying measurements are all that matter. Common sense should prevail. And if you start behaving like Chistopher Lloyd take a...