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Favorite religious song
EBM belongs to The Church of the Blessed Laconic Mother. Their holy patron is Saint Terse.  Care to guess his favorite Bible verse?  
Best audiophile earwax removal system?
I find the gold beeswax fuse to improve my audio experience immensely. Make sure to insert with proper polarity and in correct direction. They will protrude a bit so I tell folks they are hearing aids.  Seriously, I had quite the session at the E... 
Did Audiogon get sold to the Chinese or Russian Govt?
Love it or Leave it. Remember that phrase when protesters voiced their opposition to the Vietnam War. Irony flourishes. Private speech does not apply.   
Whats playing on your system today?
Livin' on the Bayou Savoy Brown  
What are you streaming tonight?
Flaming Lips with 14 yo Nell Smith singing Nick Cave's The Weeping Song. Tidal. Cannot stop listening to it.   
Why Do You Post?
A couple of quotes. "Trust those who seek the truth, but doubt those who say they found it." Andre Gide. "Progress is impossible without change, and those that cannot change their minds cannot change anything." G.B.Shaw I doubt the removal of a... 
Why Do You Post?
This place is much better since the opinionated, rude, insecure, and narcistic bunch have gone. Despite their knowledge it was the approach that threatened. The forum of ancient Athens allowed Paul to preach. Emmaus revealed to Paul tolerance and ... 
Who's an artist that you're a fan of but whose name you're not sure how to pronounce?
Why should audiophile deniers be allowed on an audiophile forum?
Swedenborg may be the most difficult read in all of philosophy. I tried numerous times and even my Professor advised against it. Said he was brilliant but too obscure for his own good. Or maybe it's the translation. As for fractals and the thumb... 
Songs that sound like Dylan
Despite my clumsy thread title does not have to be Dylan.  (Did anyone listen to Biloxi?)  
Songs that sound like Dylan
Another example is Dawes' I Can't Think About It Now Pretty much dead ringer for Dire Straits.  
Do power supply units/cables make a difference in sound quality?
Some folks offer trial periods for in home listening. Try that as your system is of high quality. Nothing to lose but some shipping costs.. But replace your cartridge first.   
Favorite religious song
Interesting so many reference Elvis. At the time many Christian leaders thought his songs were referencing CRT. Oops, I meant to say they thought he was corrupting the youth with gyrations and pelvic thrusts.   
How do you arrange the order of your records?
Color. Mike, enjoy the foray into Classical recordings. Try not to get too bogged down in "best" performance, recording. Deep dive the composer while reading their biography. Many led quite interesting lives.   
Why should audiophile deniers be allowed on an audiophile forum?
Skepticism is good, very good. Comparing an internet thread to a book is idiotic. Most books go through an editing process and are chosen by folks with an economic interest to publish.  My internet ramblings are just that. Ramblings from an unv...