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Telarc digital LP's were good but you won't find any rock recordings of those that I'm aware of. Sheffield's direct to disc were good. Some of the Nautilus super discs and the CBS Master Sound Series are excellent recordings. I think all of these ... 
Best female vocals on CD
Basia - Time and Tide on gold CD, Jennifer Warnes - The Hunter, Rebecca Pidgeon - The Raven also on gold CD, Bette Midler has an incredible voice but all the albums I have of her on CD are absolutely horrible recordings... damn it! Linda Ronstadt ... 
Best Male Singers of the 20th Century
I was speaking of male singing voice, not material, or attitude of those individuals. I still think Connick Jr. has a great voice. If we want to speak of total package; attitude, material, and voice, then I will have to re-submit my list. 
Best Male Singers of the 20th Century
Bobby Darin, Harry Connick Jr., Nat King Cole. Also, Freddy Murcury, great voice, probably could have sung just about any style of music. 
Record cleaning machine
Thanks everyone. Your suggestions really help me in my decision making. 
looking for help on infinity drivers
Carl, My wife and I moved from Fl. to Id. In the process of moving, and after unpacking, I noticed that one of the woofers had collapsed. Have no idea what had caused this. Nothing touched the speakers during the move (we were very careful of that... 
Repair of Infinity IRS Beta
Wrong number. It should be 1-818-407-0228 
Repair of Infinity IRS Beta
[email protected], I would give Infinity a call @1-818-407-9400 or 1-800-553-3332. I had a blown woofer in my Kappa 8's and was able to get a replacement driver from Infinity @ the 407 number, Skip. 
Need Speaker Opinions please
Korn, The Steradian Environmental Processor you are talking about does not add bass. It electronically removes the boominess that is inherent in certain sized rooms at some of the lower frequencies. To put it simply, which is the only way I know h... 
Need Speaker Opinions please
Korn, You won't go wrong with a pair of Legacy Focus. Recently upgraded to the Focus. The bass in these Focus are something to behold. No need for a sub with these, three 12 inch woofers. Their midrange is world class, bar none. The Focus are also... 
Best Audiophile Christmas Recordings
MFSL : A Very Special Christmas. Has quite a wide range of groups. 
Guilty pleasure music?
I've got one for you guys. My wife and I enjoy Buster Poindexter. When we try and introduce it to our friends... we get some weird looks. Oh well, we enjoy it. WE'll crack open a couple of frosty beverages and crank er up. Like it when the wife st... 
Best beer made...anywere?
The micro-brew fest coming up in Idaho Falls, Id. Oh yea!!! Fairly good sized brew fest. Last year had 130 different micro-breweries attended with over 300 different micros to sample. If you couldn't find something to like you just don't like the ... 
looking for older Infinity speakers
I thought they sounded familiar. I was drooling over those infinity speakers while stationed in Germany back in the mid to late 70's. My wife and I ended up settling on a pair of Bose 901's. What a compromise that was... couldn't afford the infini... 
How Do I Control 8 Speakers Individually
There is a product made by the Niles Audio Corporation, Inc. The series is called Speaker Selection/Volume Control System. Model #'s SVL-4, SVL-6, maybe an 8. Not quite sure on the 8 speaker control but I'd bet they do make a unit for 8 speaker co...