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Best Cartridge for SME309 arm
I am using Benz Gullwing SLR on SME 309 with nearly the same specs as the Ruby. Very good match indeed. You can’t go wrong. It replaced a Lyra Kleos which is a good Cartridge but with less body and drive, more analytical. Would be interested how t... 
I am using Benchmark DAC-3. Highly recommended. Roon will give it another boost. 
turntable recommendations
The Luxman PD-151 would be within your budget. I own the PD-171a, big jump over the Rega. Very good and practical tonearm. Super build quality. And of course the looks.Highly recommended. 
Vinyl collection, now what?
If you go the Rega P8 way i would combine it with a  Rega Apheta cartridge and a Rega Aria phonostage. It will give you a good SQ for the investment.In my opinion this is the minimum analog setup for good recordings if you want to preserve the SQ.... 
Do Tonearms need servicing
On a sidenote:It seems that there is a common understanding in the SME community and among dealers that the SME Van den Hul tonearm cables are a weak spot and need upgrading.I run a test yesterday of a VdH MC D501 Silver Hybrid agains a Furutech A... 
Do Tonearms need servicing
Great contributions!Response of the producer: no need for service - only if problems.Response of SME tonearm specialist: No need for maintenace - only repair when needed. 
Do Tonearms need servicing
All i can say is that it is floating if the Anti Skating force is set to Zero. That should be a good sign in regard to the bearings.  
Dynaudio Sapphire - Amplifier matching
The end of the story is that I treated myself to a AVM A6.2 integrated amplifier which delivers 225W into 8 Ohms and 400W into 4 Ohms. Eventhough it has the same size trafo with 1000 VA, it sounds  much more powerful, goes deeper and just sounds i... 
Do Tonearms need servicing
Probably the best way is to ask SME. Checking the bearings i not a bad idea. Will post the recomendation. 
Do Tonearms need servicing
Which parts did you service? 
Looking to upgrade to Class A/B Integrated DAC Amp
Have a look at the AVM A6.3 or 8.3. Outstanding products, outstanding quality. 
Suggestion for phono preamp in sub 2k price to complement Rega Planar 8 with Apheta 3 MC
I use Rega Aria in my Rega setup. No wish to change. 
NAIM SN3 enough juice for the new Dyn Contour 60i?olks
I have Dynaudio Sapphires and was told Dynaudio speakers need a lot of power to sing. I did not believe it until i hooked them up my new AVM A6.2. I don‘t think that the SN 3 will be able to drive the Contour 60i to its potential. I would look at ... 
Preamplifier, in need of input
Big money for a preamp alone. Integratd amps are very close to separates. For this amount o guess you get an integrated that is maybe 95% of a top separate system.  
What integrated should I upgrade to?
Hegel seems to have many supporters. I find their build quality mediocre for the price they are asking. The volume control is very poor, nearly impossible to adjust the level in smaller increments.You may want to consider an AVM integrated. I have...