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Non Analytical Sounding DAC Upgrade- Budget $1,500 or less
+1 on the Border Patrol DAC....Most of my serious listening has been/is vinyl; but, my modest CD collection is made much more enjoyable now because of the BP DAC. I may actually explore digital further because of the this DAC.  
Border Patrol DAC SE>SEi Upgrade?
I believe there are two versions, the SE and SEi; the latter being a jupiter caps upgrade. Let us know if you learn anything new about the SEi.  And yes, I agree Gary is really a good guy; always very responsive.  
Recommendations for Integrated Preamp Migration to Separates?
Thanks for the feedback. The Raven products are gorgeous indeed; however, I should clarify my post.  The Audible Illusions Modulus 3A is a preamp with an integrated MM phono; my AIM3a is interfaced curently into my power amp already; so not lookin... 
from Harbeth 30.1 to SHL5+, an upgrade or lateral move?
I'm shopping Harbeths actually too; after auditioning the 7s, 30.1, 40s, and SHL5+; I found much of the feedback in this forum to be spot-on.  I'm finding that selecting the "right" Harbeth to be really music, personal taste dependent. I listen to...