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Integrated amp recommendation around 3k (I need more power!)
A Primare I30 would be worthwhile taking a look at, 100 wpc,very warm tube like sound.Used you can find one for about 1500$ or so.Very nice integrated amp.You can try it for awhile,if it doesn't work out,you can always get your money back as these... 
Audio Research is launching new products, "The Foundation Series"
So when was ARC bought out by the conglomerate,before or after the ref 5se and ref 210s.Built 2008 & 2011 I think. 
Power Cord Length
Mr Czaray to say stock power cords do as good of job,fine,sound the same,what ya smokin' son.Not only are you wrong,(new hearing aid batterys needed) but they can improve the sound of most every likes small gauge,most others sound better ... 
Amplifiers:A Keeper for Life. Do you know of one ?
If on a tight budget the little Primare I30 intergrated is a very nice,can't go wrong with amp.Warm,open,easy to live with,and you can afford to eat,and pay your tiny NSP bill. 
Why Are There So Many Audio Research Reference 5SE's For Sale
I've never owned AR before,always was very much impressed with their sound at the store.So broke down and bought reference 210's and have just bought in a week.Anyone have this trio,and will I be a happy camper.Hope so,looks like rame...