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Digital Audio Switchers
Hmm...88 views but no responses. Anyone?? Lol 
Jaw Dropping
it sold for $305...where are you getting $20,000 from???? 
Petroff labs 3 way floor speakers any info
Well, I just called Nuts about HiFi and George the Tech doesn't work there any longer. Gal never said what happened to him and seemed surprised I mentioned his name?? Anyone know if he's working on his own or someone else? Thanks 
Petroff labs 3 way floor speakers any info
Oh my, just now seeing this response, ha ha! I apologize for not thanking you bkdou812. Guess I thought I would have received an email stating I had responses on the forum discussion here, but apparently never did and I'm not on this site much che... 
Petroff labs 3 way floor speakers any info
Hey Sorry to not be on subject here but wasn't sure how to get a hold of you. I posted a thread the other day on Audiogon about looking for a tech to repair my JVC SuperDigifne receiver in the Seattle area and someone emailed me your user name sta... 
Who's Your Favorite Bass Players; Why?
Mark King- Level 42 Cause he's a groove monster and plays intricate bass lines while singing lead. He's so funky. What a soloistTom kennedy-Dave Weckl Band- wow!Victor Wooten- funky and humbleFrancis Rocco Prestia- Tower of Power- King of the 16th... 
dissapointing audiophile recording
Schipo wrote "almost like listening to bad Kenny G not that I believe there is any good Kenny G"Kenny G with- Jeff Lorber Fusion- Album-Wizard Island -Great!! 
Are new Rush remasters better?
Wow...yea Lincolnl sounds a little mad at the world which brings me to a point I have. I think Matt's question is valid personally to me because I'm so sick and tired of spending my money buying cds today that are recorded too hot and driven into ... 
Best Male Singers of the 20th Century
Dennis the menace, Thanks for mentioning Stevie Wonder...another favorite of mine 
Best Male Singers of the 20th Century
So many good ones but Gino Vannelli is one of my favorites who is "do" for a brand new album of opera type compositions! 
The best CD-R for professional burner
The best one that I've used for my Marantz recorder is the Mitsui Golds also (74 Min.) They are very consistent.Joe Lienhard 
Klipsch La Scala
I have Klipsch Cornerhorns which have the same components/crossover as the La Scalas and I'm using Monster Z2 Spkr cables with Monster cable gold spades (Horseshoe shape)I soldered them on and they just fit (very snug) on the crossover terminal (C... 
DVD Audio player Vs good CD player
Thanks everyone for your input!Joe Lienhard 
B Stock Or Grey Goods, How to Tell?
Thanks everyone for the info. Just to add a couple things-It is a Denon DMD 1000 Minidisc Player/Recorder which is the official model #. On the back of the unit and on the box it states "Made In Japan" On the original box it says "DMD 1000 Black E... 
Best Male Singers of the 20th Century
Hey Michael, have you ever listened to any of Gino Vannelli's albums such as Storm At Sunup, Pauper In Paradise, Gist Of the Gemini, Brother to Brother, Yonder Tree,etc.. You may give him a little more credit than you did here. By no means was Gin...