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JBL 4349 opinions?
I know from experience that the JBL horns are smoother and sweeter than some Klipsch speakers. I had Cornwall 3’s and had fun with them but fatigue set in listening to them, even with tube amps.The Cornwall 4 are supposed to be better. I never had... 
Just bought a Hegel H390 Integrated
Congratulations on the Hegel and the divorce.You may be poor in wallet but rich in music. Enjoy the tunes and free time.Well done!  
Upgrading to a Hegel H590
A friend has the Hegel H590 on Harbeth Super HL5+ speakers. An absolutely awesome combo.  
Jack Bybee Has Passed Away
Very sad, Rest in Peace Jack. 
Anyone own the new conrad-johnson ART27A amplifier?
@cellorover Thank you very much. As much as I would love the ART27A, I’m actually thinking it’s too much right now, maybe next year.I’d love to talk to you about the CAV45-S2 with the EL34 tubes. That will be an easier reach for now and get me bac... 
Anyone own the new conrad-johnson ART27A amplifier?
BumpAnyone else have experience with the ART27A? 
Conrad Johnson or PrimaLuna
@cellorover Thank you very, very much for your post. I’ve been interested in the CAV-45S2 for a long time. Your post confirms that it’s an awesome amp.  
Viva Solistino Amp
@charles1dad +1 on the fine sentiments to @maxboy00 . It’s awesome when someone finds a piece that they love. 
Viva Solistino Amp
@maxboy00 Thank you very much.I’m happy you are loving it.If I’m not mistaken, D is direct for bypassing the pre section and S is a subwoofer out. I also agree about the lack of information and specs on the website, it’s a little frustrating. 
Viva Solistino Amp
BumpI know this is an old thread but curious if the OP can offer any updates or anyone else add to their experience with Viva? 
So, what other amps sound like the First Watt SIT-3?
Thank you for your responses so far.  
So, what other amps sound like the First Watt SIT-3?
@teo_audioThank you for the link.Any idea how available and how much those B-1a amps cost? Very interesting.   
So, what other amps sound like the First Watt SIT-3?
I have and love my SIT-3 amps. Just wonderful. My speakers are Avantgarde Duo XD and love the warm/sweet/3D laid back sound. I was just wondering if anything else comes close.Thank you so much! 
unbeatable Class A integrated
Another vote for the Luxman 590 AXII. I’ve had a lot of gear, this awesome integrated is staying. One of the finest examples of an amp that does it all. 
Pass XP32 vs C900U vs ?