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$3000 stand mounted speakers?
Fritz. Heard them just the other day. Highly recommended. 
There's a lot more bass in a 6.5" driver than most of you think
@erik_squires apologies if you have mentioned it. back to your original post. I wonder how big is your room? 6.5" may be good enough for a medium room, but might be a bit lacking if there isn't enough travel to move enough air to energize a large ... 
There's a lot more bass in a 6.5" driver than most of you think
Schroeder’s frequency does vary from room to room. In general, the larger the room, the lower the Schroeder’s frequency and more directional bass is.for a typical concert hall, it can be as low into the teens if not lower. So everything is directi... 
There's a lot more bass in a 6.5" driver than most of you think
Frequency, as it lowers, undergoes a ’phase change’ of sorts. It becomes less directional and begins to ’omni’. Look up Schroeder's Frequency. It is exactly what you mentioned. 
Line Magnetic quality
Agree with the build quality. I have opened up my LM508IA to make modifications and the point to point wiring is very well done. wires are properly and securely wrapped to the posts before soldering and that makes a good and secure connection. It ... 
Classical Music for Aficionados
I recently discovered this recording of a few pieces by the Wranitzky brothers. a violin concerto, a symphony and a cello concerto. They are contemporary of Mozart. I have shown it to many ppl and everyone likes the music. The music is lively and ... 
$100 or less Phono Preamp recommendation?
slightly over your budget, but the Schiit Mani is excellent value at the price. 
Whats playing on your system today?
@jafant, the remastered Karajan 1962 Beethoven Symphony cycle CD/BRA boxset came out in 2014. They have the matching artwork as the original 1962 LP boxset (which I also own). The whole 9 symphonies now fits into one single Bluray Audio disc compa... 
Classical fans, I need advice
it has been more than 13 years since the OP started his classical music journey. i wonder how he did? 
Whats playing on your system today?
Suddenly wanted to listen to Karajan's 1962 Beethoven 9th/5th/6th after not touching them for a while.I also discovered the disc with the 3rd on no longer load on any of my CD players despite visually check out OK.Just ordered the remastered versi...