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Never-ending Speaker Journey ($1,000 budget)
I'm sort of new to the whole HiFi game as well.  I've always loved music and share similar tastes to what you have mentioned.  I have auditioned a pair of Revel M106s and they rocked.  Great clean low end and very crisp, but not too bright, highs.... 
Rookie Question, maybe
I’ve been playing around with the different outputs and come to the conclusion the it almost sounds like the speakers are working harder when hooked up to the 4ohm output.  8ohms it is until I decide that it isn’t.  Thanks for the tips! 
Rookie Question, maybe
Thanks.  I just want to make sure that I am not going any damage to either the speakers or the Amp, mostly the amp. 
Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum II and What Bookshelf Speakers
So not to sidetrack the conversation but after a bunch more research and some auditioning I am going with a Primaluna prologue premium.  I would imagine that speaker choices would be about the same a with the Rogue Audio amp but please let me know...