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Would switching amps make a big difference?
Don't know what amps work BEST with ML speakers, but I had a pair of Rogue M150 monoblocks running ML Aerius i's with no problem. I currently have the PrimaLuna Premium HP amp powering the ML Electromotion ESL's, again with no problems.  
Best audio tweak ever, especially for the over 60s
I know this will sound strange. Sometimes my ear(s) get plugged up. A good nose-blow will sometimes "clear the air." 
Cartridge Impedance
Ok, FINE! Jeeesh! 
Cartridge Impedance
Poor English is something up with which I shall not put! Ha! Your pedantry is beyond my annoyance. But I thought your post was cute. 
Cartridge Impedance
Hey guys, as the original poster I just want to say, "calm down"! In my original post, I made the error of saying I wanted to change the impedance of the cartridge. I meant I wanted to change the impedance setting on my phono stage, knowing that t... 
Cartridge Impedance
I was talking about adjusting the impedance setting on my phono pre-amp. 
Cartridge Impedance
Thanks to all! You've answered my question.