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NAD 1600 Receiver
@trelja , Ha! Joe, we seemed to have followed similar paths.I also stumbled upon high-end audio in the late 80's (1987?).I bought the NAD 7600 as my ultimate receiver (and my last).I moved to separates in to early 90's. I bought mine from Bryn Maw... 
A passing of a valued Audiogon member ID "Ferrari"
Hello Bob,Thank you for sharing this very sad news. I've admired many of ferrari's reviews over the years. They were VERY well written, professional quality for sure. A true music lover.I am sadden by this great loss to the audiophile community.My... 
What do you guys think? Love it or hate it? Weird? Cool?
I wonder what his inspiration for the tall speakers was??? Haha! Marilyn Monroe? 
Power Cord for Pass Int 60-Under 1K used
The demographic has obviously changed on AudiGon. Back in the day the forums were dominated by hard core Audiophiles who did anything for positive changes in their audio systems. There use to be healthy debates regarding opinions and theories.... 
NAD 1600 Receiver
If I remember correctly, the 7160 was the receiver version of my amp @trelja , Joe, I believe the NAD 7600 was the receiver version of the 2600 power amp:http://www.hifi-classic.net/review/nad-7600-133.htmlThe NAD 1600 is a preamp/tuner, not a re... 
Trying different output impedance taps with tube amps
Kevin Hayes, of VAC fame, always recommends trying all output tap configurations just for this reason. 
Should I eliminate my preamp?
@audioconnection , +1.However, since the OP has all the tools to do the test for himself, he is best to answer his own question.He can simply listen to his system with, and without his ARC SP6 b and decide for himself.Trust your ears. 
Power Cord for Pass Int 60-Under 1K used
Would someone please enlighten me here. Sorry, you have to put in your own work here. How does a three ft section  of metal help in providing better sound quality? I can't answer that, as all of my power cords are 1.5 meters or longer. ;^) 
Publication bias and confounders in product reviews - TAS, Stereophile, Audiogon, etcetera
The text may give some praise to satisfy the advertiser, but the important part is the measurements section. Hahahaha, that is hilarious!Thanks for my daily chuckle. ;^) 
Power Cord for Pass Int 60-Under 1K used
@krelldog , @trelja , thank you for the very kind remarks, I am humbled.Joe, have you left the Philly area for the Great White North yet?Safe travels. 
Power Cord for Pass Int 60-Under 1K used
I don't think they are illiterate. Instead, they are somewhat like fundamentalist religious proselytizers except here, they see themselves as the actual Savior. Not to mention very sensitive. I suppose my post upset one of our "Saviors", as th... 
Power Cord for Pass Int 60-Under 1K used
Nelson Pass is a fan of Frank Dickens (Silent Source) cords/cables.Look for a Silent Source High Current version, either Signature, or The Music Reference (TMR).I am using two SS TMR cords on my Pass Labs XA-100.5 amps with good success. Silent So... 
I hate when this happens
Spouse out of town. Those days are too precious to waste at work!!I don't stay up all night listening when the wife's away, but I take a few vacation days and just crank it up and enjoy!   ;^) 
What's your investment threshold?
I think most of us here have a governor on our wallets, bur we also probably prioritize differently. It seems as if owning the "top of the line" product is a high priority for you. None of my components are "top of the line", but I do own a couple... 
What's your investment threshold?
Do you impose on yourself a percentage range for cable spending relative to other components? No. I don't crunch numbers, I listen to music.That doesn't mean that there aren't cables that I can't afford, but I don't look at any system percentag...