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Review: Ridge Street Audio Poiema Speaker cable
I just wanted to echo Lak's review in saying how much I enjoy the musical presentation allowed by these Poiema cables. Overall, the cables are more detailed, smooth, and have a more pleasingly natural tonal balance than any of the others I've trie... 
Replacing Sovtek 6922 for NOS
Has anyone tried the current production Electro-Harmonix 6922? 
Blue Circle BC3 vs. McIntosh C2200?
Thanks Budrew for your thoughts. I'll try to demo both. 
Do Audioquest Anacondas really make a difference?
I'll echo Robo300 here in saying that I think the Stereophile review is accurate. I used the Anacondas for several months before deciding they didn't let through the nth level of detail that I like to hear. Personally, I decided to go with silver ...