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Magnepan 3.6 speakers are wonderful with that set up. I use them in a similar kit with same amps, interconnects, speaker cable; the Marantz SA-1 SACD and the TacT AA pre-amp room correctionn system.Let me know how you like the 802s with it. the 80... 
ARC LS25/Classe CAM 350/Maggie 3.6
I have Marantz SA-1, TacT 2.0AA,Bryston 7B monoblocks and Magnepan 3.6s. I am using the Nordost Quattrofils on all connections up to the amps. The 3 meters to my amps are handled nicely by the speed of the Quattrofils. It is hard to find that leng... 
TACT RCS 2.0 Users Group
For those who purchased the TacT 2.0 more than a few months ago, you may want to make sure you have the current software. It is available as a free download on the TacT site. There are some directions and suggestions for download on Audioasylum. 
PS Audio Ultimate outlet
I had been waiting for weeks for these ultimate outlets to do some magic to my amps (Bryston 7b-st) like the 300 had done for my SA-1 and Tact Rsc 2.o. I had similar good experience with the ultimate power cord which was purchased to go with the 3... 
absolute best component you ever owned
TacT 2.0 Room Correction System. It wasn't the Marantz SA-1(although that is a close 2nd). It wasn't the PS-300 (admittedly a significant improvement) or even the Magnepan 3.6R speakers which I love to listen to. The TacT made the rest of my syste... 
Sub for monster BASS!!!!!!
I read Rel has a speaker you can only buy after signing a release that warns that it can destroy the foundation in older homes. Haven't heard it but it sounds like what you seek. 
Know of a "Dirt Cheap" tweak?
Sorry about screwed up post-the tweek was ear cleaning. 
Know of a "Dirt Cheap" tweak?
An ENT doctor friend of mine says it is the best tweek. Then again, it is good for business I guess. 
Update - TacT 2.0 Room Correction System
Hi Hexenboden. I will try to complete my answer to your fine question. My office is where my rig is set up. It is about 20 ft by 14 ft with suspended ceilings. There are windows on one long wall and the other 3 are typical industrial (thin plaster... 
Update - TacT 2.0 Room Correction System
Hi Everybody, I will try to answer each question. First, thanks Rayd for the idea to use a different memory choice for the new cables. I should then be able to see if in fact there is much audible difference by switching between the memory setting... 
Tact RCS
I am using the TacT as a RCS as well as a pre-amp. Call tact directly and they will send it out on a 30 days on trial. Warning! Warning! You won"t send it back. It is that good. Enjoy. P.S. I spoke with Karsten and he modified one of the inputs to... 
Harm. Tech cables/wires good with Maggie
Thankyou for the suggestion. I have been considering buying that sub. I am going to see how everything sounds settled in and then try it. I will report back. 
Harm. Tech cables/wires good with Maggie
Thanks Joe. I have been working toward a system like this for 30 years and finally decided to start from scratch and just do it. I wish I could tell you what it all sounds like but the Sacd is to be shipped Friday so I have not heard it in the sys... 
Harm. Tech cables/wires good with Maggie
Thankyou for your post. Did you use the spades on the speaker wires to connect and if so what size spades?(I read there are 3 sizes) If you did use the spades how did you connect them to the Maggies? Did you try other cables/wires to compare? Thanks 
where to find sacd's??
For a list of releases go to : http://www.sel.sony.com/SEL/consumer/sacd/static/mus-titles.html#top It says at the bottom last updated in Feb. but it keeps growing as more releases come out so I think they are just not updating the update date- if...