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What are you streaming tonight?
The Cars, Master recordings, TIDAL 
Hunt for new floor standers
I second the Maggie's 1.7is! Hard to get better value.  
Artist you now like that you discovered through your streaming service
Sleaford Mods! 
Speaker cable recommendations in my budget
Straightwire.com full stop. 
Usless but interesting ....how many of you old timers started with original Large Advents?
Nope RtRs. 
Seriously considering tube preamp…opinions?
1. It baffles me, if one can afford it, why one would NOT go tube preamp. 2. If you are set on buying new you seem to have done a good bit of research and u can't really offer an opinion. But, if you are willing to buy used Conrad-Johnson really c... 
Balance knob ..
Thank newbee we'll see about that.  
Balance knob ..
Oh and I think it's safe to say I won't be getting into jazz, ever.  
Balance knob ..
No you're both wrong, CJ PV10AL DOES have one. Why would I have asked the question if it wasn't available to me? Phasing I have some understanding of. I have Stereophile test disc. What is an XLO disc?I cannot afford, esp since it has a balance co... 
Balance knob ..
What does "aligned to imaging at 1/8" mean? 
Balance knob ..
Eliot, Sorry, I have NO idea what you were talking about WRT that line conditioner. That whole thread just completely went over my head.  
Balance knob ..
Why do I think that was trolly? 
Balance knob ..
That's the thing, I am not a dedicated audiophile like that. System needs to live in a much used great room and the "stuff" behind right is complicated house structure. Wife will not go for treatments. I have pics of the setup but dunno how to att... 
Balance knob ..
Yup that was what I was afraid of.  
Balance knob ..
Well but am I not really screwing up the natural signal by "balancing?" Or am I not with the net result? As far as moving to the right a bit. I've done that and it seems to make little difference. Toeing them in more might but Maggie's are suppose...