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Slight Hum From Rega Elicit R
The humming problem happened to my Hegel integrates before due to ‘dirty’ power. Bring your amp to a local dealer or frind’s house to see if the problems persists or not.  
Upgrading form Pass integrated amplifier to a better one
@jlaz tell us more about Boulder 865 while we’re waiting for denon1’s Diablo 300 update. Gryphon, Boulder and Vitus were on my short list when I was shopping for an integrated. I ended up with Vitus. Auditioned Diablo and 300. But never had a chan... 
Upgrading form Pass integrated amplifier to a better one
Denon1,I went theough a similar journey earlier this year and I think I understand the why’s behind your short list. In fact, you’ve shared the list of amps that you’ve auditioned along with your impression. What you’re looking for is a small grou... 
Upgrading form Pass integrated amplifier to a better one
Denon1, what you read about Gryphon matches my impression. Both Diablo and Diablo 300 can deliver life like music in front of you with great dynamic and details. I was looking to buy a Diablo before I bought my RI100. Back out because of lack of i... 
Upgrading form Pass integrated amplifier to a better one
I don’t have experience with Pass INT-250. But I have auditioned both Gryphon Diablo and Diablo 300. They both share the same Gryphon house sound but the 300 is more refined and more powerful. I currently own RI100 and use it on my main system. By... 
Searching for the most "accurate" speaker (below 15K)
I think OP has a small room (around 200 square feet). I used to own Maggie’s and loved them.  The space required for Maggies to fully perform might be a deal breaker here.  
USB cable opinions
Audience +1. I prefer it over WW and a few other brands that I tried on my system.  
Searching for the most "accurate" speaker (below 15K)
@vermeer Glad you also like the Focal house sound. I know Sopra 2 is not going to get you to the level of Magico Q, but it should be a good match for your electronics. I went through a different path of upgrade. I upgraded my speakers first and fo... 
Searching for the most "accurate" speaker (below 15K)
For your budget, used Raidho may worth your consideration.  
Cable recommendation between Dac and Integrated amp
I’d suggest used Audience, Synergistic Research and Masterbuilt. You already have Audience on your list. Used SR Element Tungsten will be within your price range. Masterbuilt is a little bit hard to find on the used market though. 
Searching for the most "accurate" speaker (below 15K)
I’m a fan of Focal. Currently own Diva Utopia Be and had auditioned Supra 2. I’d go for Supra 2 if I were buying. The speakers on your list are all very good speakers. I think the choice will end up with your personal preference.Happy listening!  
Speaker help - Best all around speaker
Focal Utopia Be series if you don’t mind of buying used. Here is a good one on Audiogon. https://www.audiogon.com/listings/full-range-focal-2017-10-04-speakers 
I need a new DAC! Advice/Recommendations?
I had W4S DAC-2, Rega DAC-R, Ayre Codex and Hegel HD25 on my system for extended period of time. For your budget ($1000), I'd highly recommend a used Ayre Codex or Hegel HD25. The both have some limitations such as connection ports or DSD support.... 
Best integrated amp for Marten Miles 5
I forgot to mention that I heard Martens paired with an ASR integrated at an audio show last year and that combination sounded very good. I know many of us probably don’t think and/or treat ASR as an ’integrated amp’ but still want to share my exp... 
Speaker cable recommendations with Magnepan .7s
I used both Anticables and Clearday Double shotgun before with MMG. Both sound above their price points, especially if you can find them used.