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If you solicit offers, shouldn't you respond?
I would assume that there are other reasons to get offers besides wanting to actually sell the item. 
slow blow or fast acting fuse
Again, power supply fuses are almost always slo blow. Otherwise the turn on surge would blow them.Speaker fuses are always fast blow. Otherwise it would take to long to effectively protect the speakers or the output stage. 
What is the best subwoofer you have ever heard?
Custom built, 6' tall, 4' deep, 2.5' wide. Four 15" woofers in an isobaric arrangement. Double walled cabinet with the inner wall isolated from the outer wall, including panel deadoning components.+/- 3db down to 18hz. Max SPL 120db. 
EL 34 question
"Jjrenman was on the right path when he changed his pentode amp to a triode configuration" Yes, changing my amp from pentode to triode was an improvement, easy to do and you only give up 3db of output. However IMO, changing from fixed bias to cath... 
EL 34 question
I used to have a pair Dynaco MKIV's which is basically a mono block versions of a stereo 70. Besides extensive tube rolling I had converted them from fixed bias to cathode bias, from pentode to triode operation as well as lowering the negative fee... 
Does amp output V decrease by adding gain stage?
Yes, adding a gain stage at the input would reduce the voltage needed. How much less voltage depends on the amount of gain that you add. 
Reverse polarity
I'm assuming that what you mean is that you have reversed the polarity of the high input on the back of your speaker in relation to the low input.If the crossover point is low enough it may be that you are simply putting the bulk of the music into... 
Interesting question. I too often wonder if we have not gone backwards in some ways compared to the well respected gear of yesteryear. However, IMO, basing audio performance on the ability to produce canon shots in a living room is similar to judg... 
slow blow or fast acting fuse
If the fuses are the originals, the designation on them should tell you. IME, the power supply fuses will be slow blow and the speaker or output fuses will be fast. 
Playing Sirius/iPod
You can add an I pod dock and a Sirius with its dock to your existing Marantz if you have two available inputs.You will need a separate Sirius antenna either way. I use to install lots of them and did not find much difference in antenna's however ... 
Does amp output V decrease by adding gain stage?
You can add as much gain as you want before or at the input of the amp but it will not change the amps output in any way. IOW whatever it is rated at in terms of full output wattage will be the same. What you will change is the sensitivity of the ... 
Separates w/internal phono vs Integrated + phono
Elizabeth makes an excellent point. Around the time that CD's were annoited the "perfect" replacement for vinyl lots of manufactureres started treating phono preamp sections as an after thought. 
Emotiva XPA-5 vs. Parasound A51?
What Zenblaster said +1. IME, The differences will be audible on the 804's, more so with well recorded music than for movies.If we knew what amp you are using now we would have a better idea of what quality level you are currently at. Also what, i... 
Can old equip work with today's technology
On a newer TV that does not have any analog RCA outputs you need to get a Digital to Analog Converter box. Most TV's will output PCM through there digital output.However some TV's only output Dolby Digital in which case the DAC needs to be able to... 
Conrad PV-12 Preamp Sub Woofer output
If you just need another set of outputs you could use a high quality RCA "Y" cord.You could ask on the CJ owners forum to be sure but it looks like the preamp has a cathode follower output stage and a 2uf coupling cap so it should have no problem ...