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Anthem & Xfinity
"it must be a hdmi thing. maybe no 5.1 thur optical."There was a recent thread that discussed this issue. IIRC, the bottom line is that there is not enough bandwith for 5.1 through optical. Check out this thread. It may have the answer you seek.ht... 
Power supply caps
Michael Percy has the Nichicon. And as stated in my first post two of the three are exact matches. The third is a 63v rating insted of a 50v. 
Anthem & Xfinity
Do you get 5.1 surround with other channels. IOW, is the problem only with on-demand tv shows? 
Upgrate Polk RTI8 with Lsi9 crossover & tweeter
IME of designing, modifying and buiding speakers (often with Polk's) it will be a bit of a crapshoot. The challenges include but are not limited to:If the drivers have different sensitivities, which is likely, the LSI9 x-over will yield a non line... 
Subwoofer Crossover Question
I just looked at Matt's system and he already HAS the REL's, he's not looking for advise on if he should add them to his system. I apologize for my misunderstanding the question.So at this point it would be helpful to know how the subs are current... 
Subwoofer Crossover Question
When a spec states something as + or - 2db it means that a product (speakers in your case) will only increase or lose volume by the specified 2db between the lowest and highest frequency's stated. So in your case, between the very low frequency of... 
Subwoofer Crossover Question
Newbie,You make some excellent points but the spec on his speakersare +/- 2db down to 28hz so they could not be down 6db at 32hz.With that said I concur with your following statement. "Not what you want to hear perhaps, but if your speakers are on... 
Yamaha Natural Sound RX-V1070 Repair
Sometimes you need to do a hard reset of the microprocessor on the Yamaha's of that era. I'd try that first as it only takes a few seconds to do.It should be described in the service manual. 
New cartridge for Rega P3-24
I used a Dynavector 10x5 for years on a Rega 250 arm. Very satisfied with the overall sound. 
Need help with a Tube PREAMP.
What's your amp? There is more to a good mating than impedance. Also what are your speakers? Front End?Do you need a remote?Is used OK or do you prefer new? 
Burn in Step up transformer with ipod.
"BWT, it is a myth that prolonged core saturation will damage a MC transformer"How so? Transformers can only handle so much wattage before they saturate. Extended saturation causes heat issues. Heat issues cause problems. What am I missing? IMO an... 
Power supply caps
Try Michael Percy Audio. He shows tow out of the three. Also has a 4700uf 63 VDC which will work fine.No affiliation, just always received great service. 
Power cord connectors
In my case they did not make any difference in my tube phono as well as tube phono preamp. They did eliminate a strange ticking noise that my tube power amp was making.However they made a huge difference in both of my class D sub amps. Tightened u... 
Power supply caps
I have upgraded the caps in my previos phono preamp. I had already upgraded the op amps, resistors, coupling caps and regulators. So I can definitively speak to the effect of just changing power supply caps.In my case the backround got blacker as ... 
Tough decision, samsung Samsung PN65F8500 or
Panasonic +3