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Summing up L & R line-level for dual subs
If the second set of outputs on the Lamm LL2 are buffered than you can use a Y cord. If not you will have to add a small buffer stage.You could always try a Y cord (as it will not hurt anything) and if the main system ends up in mono you will know... 
Noise when turning the volumen on bottlehead
Try cleaning the VC with Deoxit or similar contact cleaner. 
McIntosh MC240 Question
I'm wondering what the explanation is for the difference given that gain controls wide open or running without those controls should be the same input level. The same input level for both would only be true if the input impedance of the input pot... 
Schematic for Melos hc 180
How do you know that it is breaking up at 40 watts? Are your speakers 4 or 8 ohm? What is the make and model of the speakers? Does it do it on all sources? Which tubes are you presently using? 
Song With Best Beginning
Children of the Sun by Billy Thorpe. 
regarging components that have a 20a AC IEC
IMO, You are better off changing the female end of the cord. The 20 amp IEC chassis jack is a far better connector than the 15 amp. 
To Ride and Not Go Deaf
Get the good helmet and also use the foam plugs. Wind noise will be around 58db. Plenty low enough to prevent problems.I've ridden all my life but only started to use the plugs about half way through. Now I swear by them. 
Peak listening levels-
Are you measuring the 100db at your chair? 
Why No Power Button on Some Phono Stages?
IMO, most electronics sound better after warm up and they will last longer without the turn on surge (if heat build up is not an issue like in a preamp).In the case of SS phono preamps the current draw is tiny so there is little reason to turn it ... 
Kimber kable 8tc or 12tc warm?
IME, the VS is a bit warmer than the TC. The TC is a bit more analytical. 
How to defeat Pioneer DV-58AV auto power shut-off?
Why don't you just leave any old disc in it and hit play after you power it up. When the rest of the system is warmed up you'll be good to go. 
80s Metalheads...sleeper picks
Check out Nazareth, Black Sabbath and Great White. 
Why not speakon?
IMO, the reason that the current 5 way binding posts are so popular in audio brands is that it gives total flexibility for the owner to use the connection they feel is best. 
Preamp Headroom Question
My main Q was about dynamic headroom if I crank the linestage up. Per Al, shouldn't be a problem. If it is, it's likely happening on classical records which generally present large dynamic swings in volume. Less so on compressed rockHow you word y... 
Do you know why
Actusreus, I do not disagree in the least. The record labels could reject poor pressings or pay extra for more quality control. What we don't know is how much that extra cost would cost the consumer.Ultimately, if the labels are selling out quickl...