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Dynakit 70 Stereo Question
If the tubes are original and test good they may be worth more than the actual amps. 
Three Sets of Speakers
Assuming that one of those three rooms is the surround system than you need a surround receiver that has what is called a second and third zone. The "zones" give you stereo for the other two areas which is what you need to sound correct when only ... 
Tube amp problem question
I agree with Elizabeth. If you can swap it with a like tube from the other channel it would confirm it. 
What brand is most recognized by non-audiophiles?
In your example the brand does not need to be an audiophile brand. In fact one could argue that ONLY an audiophile would know an audiophile brand very much like only an Oenophile will know the best wines.So whatever brand is perceived as Audiophil... 
Use a US sub in Tokyo?
FWIU, hertz will not be an issue, just the voltage. 
Preamp bleeding
What Al said. It is not uncommon to get some bleed through from other sources into the selected source. Is there a reason you need to be playing the RTR at the same time you are listening to the TT through the speakers? 
Preamp bleeding
Is the bleed through coming from other sources that are on but not selected? 
Preamp bleeding
Do you mean left to right channel or from one input to another? 
Do I Need to Replace One of My Drivers?
Have you checked if some part of the surround has come loose?If it has it is easy enough to glue back down. 
Ventriloquist effect
Yours eye's can deceive you.... try it again, this time with the blast visor down! 
SUT decision: Ortofon Verto vs Ortofon STA6600L
Have you checked out the Bob's devices 1131 blue? 
Tube Amps and Friendly Speakers - Back Impedance
Interesting question. IMO, there is more to it than being in the output tubes sweet spot. If speakers were purely resistive than the answer to your question would be very use full. Unfortunately speakers are typically far from it as the amp has to... 
Integra receiver -- white noise
Some of the newer Integra's require firmware updates. Check on their website in the Support section to see if any apply to you. 
Telarc 1812 revisited
You don't say what cartridge you are using in your Rega/Project rig but I agree with Rlwainwright that it is most likely the heavier arm of the Pioneer.However, it is possible to track the 1812 with a lower mass arm but you need to have a very hig... 
Is there anything like a WIFI USB cable?
Do a search for wireless USB extender. Lots of choices.